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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  December 23, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PST

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together and decide to build a house. these guys are-- i get all choked up when i think about them. this is' so many of them and we're trying to help as many as week because they've given so much for us. >> after the run, the lieutenant dan band hit the stage. >> are you ready? >> gary, when i listen to you, you seem so passionately and intensely about the soldiers and about the first responders. >> it's just a privilege to be able to support these folks and that's why i say, you know, playing lieutenant dan was no coincidence, lieutenant dan talks about his destiny and what he was destined to do and i think it was my destiny to support our men and women. good morning, everyone, it's sunday, december 23rd, i'm alisyn camerota and safe and sound the retired marine
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jailed in mexico for months is making his way back to florida just in time for christmas. his mother speaking out for the first time since his release. >> it was like my first night i slept all night long without getting up and it was just the thought of not wondering what's going on with him, can anyone hurt him, you know, those kinds of thoughts. >> we have more from john hammar's mom ahead. >> and one saying the attack in libya leaving four meshes dead is the the greatest coverup in american history. will we get more answers from benghazi. >> clayton: twinky fans can breathe a sigh of release, and hostess will have them on the shelves with a new owner. "fox & friends" hour one begins right now. ♪
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>> good sunday morning, everyone, welcome into "fox & friends," thanks for waking up early with us this morning, kelly wright in this morning for dave briggs. nice to see you, we decorated beautifully for you. >> it's the not just for christmas, it's for you. and we have good news to report and good to start the show with that, john hammar the retired marine was released after four months in a notorious mexican prison and they decide today drive, makes sense, bark to his home state of florida, than fly, which would have been shorter, they want today give him time to kind of decompress and readjust, actually to life outside of prison. >> clayton: nothing will do that better than a 22 hour car ride to decompress with your dad. >> and he's also sick, too, and driving. might have been better than
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flying. >> it sound like, send me back to prison or-- >> just take me a few hour's flight. no, a great trip from the texas border back to florida to arrive back to meet with his mom and now we're actually hearing from the mom. a few days, christmas off, they're going to spend time with the family, but the mom speaking out now about her son's release. take a listen. >> it was like my first night i slept all night long without getting up and it was just the thought of not wondering what's going on with him, can anyone hurt him, can i -- those kind of thoughts. he's eating, you know, he's able to actually have a meal, you know, i honestly can't totally process is, i think, until he's here, but we're days away, so, i'll take it. >> and as you said, kelly, she said his sick and a terrible chest cold they fear might be pneumonia and might have to stop at the hospital if it
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doesn't turn around. he's in need of treatment, including mental health treatment. >> it should have never happened to begin with. he had his grandfather's weapons, a classic and made sure he was legally entering in mexico and went to present that weapon and as a result of that, the mexican authority placed him under arrest and chased him to a bed in his cell. very difficult situation for him as well, but glad to have him home. >> clayton: glad to have him home, merry christmas to that family, more on that coming up later in the show. meanwhile, we're hearing more about of the benghazi coverup, as some are calling it, and some going so far to say this is may be the greatest coverup in modern history. and he's researched a lot of the coverups in modern history, whitewater, waterga watergate, all the different gates and he says the benghazi coverup could be worse than any of them.
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listen to him. >> they don't talk about this, they don't talk about changed this, who was involved in the coverup. what the motive was. we know what the motive was, it was the election and obama had been saying he was done with al-qaeda and possibly this was al-qaeda. the i've made different studies of coverups, pentagon, watergate, iran-contra. >> clayton: i've had the pleasure of meeting him over the years and usually a fair-minded person so for him to come out and say this in person, he may have some evidence to show it's credible and may keep pushing forward. a lot of people are not happy the way that benghazi unto folded, that we were caught flat-footed and even though there were military members. >> and specifically what he's
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referring to, having read the transcript, on thursday there was a senate foreign relations committee asking exactly the same questions they asked on the first day of the benghazi tragedy and that is the cia memo left the cia with the specific references to al-qaeda in it. by the time the memo was presented to susan rice and came out of her mouth on the sunday morning talk shows, those records as to al-qaeda had been spiked, who did that? even after the report, they don't know who sponged those references. once again on thursday, he says, come on, this is the question. >> and four individuals lost their jobs at the state department as a result of the report that came out and as what catherine herridge was saying on our show yesterday, perhaps what senator inhofe was talkling about, how high up in the state department did this go? did it reach the 7th floor of the state department, ie, hillary clinton's office.
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we don't know that. >> dave: and that's why people want to hear from secretary of state hillary clinton, and hopefully recover from the concussion, from the flu to give the answers. there were four americans who died. >> clayton: great point. >> we have other news for you, get to it, if you're just waking up, after a second round of voting it looks like egypt now has a new constitution. you can see supporters of president mohammed morsi casting ballots for the islamic drafted confusion and reports that the constitution had passed and morsi says it's establishing democracy in egypt, but the some say it's nothing more than a power grab. is a serial killer on the loose in michigan this morning, concerns after police made another gruesome discovery in a drain pipe. this is the second time in four months that they have found human remains there. police have now sent the
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remains to a lab in texas for dna testing and investigators want to determine if the remains match the body parts months ago, which belonged to an unidentified female. she's one of the victims of the mall shooting in oregon, the only one to survive. and the first time christina is talking about the terrifying moment she came face-to-face with that gunman. >> saw him for an instance, only to see that he was wearing black, a mask and carrying a gun. i didn't realize it was a real gun. i thought maybe it was a prank. we have to cherish every moment because we never know when it could be the last. >> that's beautiful wisdom. and doctors removed fragments from her lung and liver and she's happy to be obviously to celebrate christmas. listen up twinkie fans, you can breathe a sigh of relief. the iconic cake is likely
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returning to store shelves, it's under new ownership, hoe test expects to sell off the snack cake and bread to several buyers and they closed up shop and laid off 18,000 workers as failing to reach a deal with the striking baker's union. >> a bakers dozen. >> dave: i think they should bring you an entire plate of hostess twinkies. >> clayton: i wouldn't have to eat for the entire 2013. >> you could ration them. >> clayton: i know that rick is watching the twinkie death. this is like the cake that wouldn't die. >> rick: it will never die. >> clayton: even with it dead it will never die. >> rick: the stories, i don't know if they're urban legends, the big mac and put it on the shelf. >> clayton: he took photos of this big mac for a year and the consistency and color, it doesn't change the entire
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year. his health did. >> it's like never ever-- >> still delicious (laughter) >> touche'. >> rick: there you go, guys. here is what you're waking up to, cold across the northern plains, the pink in northern minnesota and below zero. cold martining across areas of florida and where it's dry, we had a lake effect snow and a few people saw over a foot of snow around the plateau, exactly where he's got the snow falling right now and that will continue today although less today than you saw yesterday. across the west we keep talking about it, the next storm ready to pull on shore and this will be another moisture-laden storm. another two to three feet in the next 24 hours or so across the sierra nevadas, and across california might see some showers make their way all the way towards southern california in towards l.a.
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high temperatures looking like this, enjoy t and others, big changes are about to happen. tomorrow we'll start to see snow across the interior of the rockies, big storm for tuesday, wednesday, thursday, if you have travel plans those days, especially in the eastern part of the country, we want to talk because you're possibly going to have problems in the airports. back to you. >> who doesn't have travel plans, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> hopefully you're home implanted and won't have trouble for a while. >> rick is advising everyone to take off work all week, i will be right here. >> coming up on the show, fiscal cliff talks coming to a stand still for the holidays. what should happen now? should there be a plan c? for 48 years they lived happily ever after until they realized there was one big problem with their marriage. it wasn't legal. that story next. ♪
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>> check your clocks, time is running out for the president and house republicans to find common ground and avoid that fiscal cliff. >> i am still ready and willing to get a comprehensive package done. >> we'll continue to work our colleagues in the congress and white house on plan that
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will protect small businesses. >> alisyn: after a week, still at a stand still. where should the the congress go from here. >> good morning. >> alisyn: most people will consider what happened this week with john boehner's failure to bring even a vote on so-called plan b to be an embarrassment for the speaker, but you think that the g.o.p. dodged a bullet here? >> yeah, they dodged a serious bullet here in in case, when you think about it one of the most appealing quality of their brand they're principally opposed to tax increases that we don't have a revenue problem that we have a spending problem. to be on record as voting for a very anti-growth tax increase, i think, would imperil their house majority.
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>> and stf with just new years avenue, december 31st he. but he says actually the drop dead is the 27th to do the technicalities they have to do to pass by the end of the year. december 27th, that's just really a few minutes away. are they going to be able to do anything by then? >> they clearly could do something, but i think it's important for the republicans at this point to sit back and realize they've made a compromise. president obama walked away. now, the ball is in his court to actually give them something much better. if not these tax increases are going to be his, he'll own them and that's what they should want, rather than vote for something that's really going to hurt, hurt their reputation as being against tax increases. >> alisyn: but of course, the president, for whatever reason, thinks that polls and the public and his presidential win and the mood of the country is on his side. polls suggest that people are
3:17 am
okay with the wealthiest paying more in taxes. so, the president, it appears from at least this game of strategy, that he thinks he can wait this out. >> well, i think the republicans have to believe in their principles rather than believe in polls in this case. if the president wants to take that risk, that's fine. the simple truth, if you want to help the poor and the middle class, you're not going to help them by raises taxes on the most productive americans, the people who start the businesses, who have the innovations that make our lives better. republicans need to stick to their guns and not be a tax increase and party and time for president obama to compromise, lest we forget, elected to give them control of the house of representatives which is to say we want you to hold the line on taxes. >> alisyn: what is the next move? you've studied this. what do you predict in the next week? which side is going to do something and what? >> my prediction would be that
3:18 am
basically, both sides essentially stand down and say, okay, let's extend this until 2013. let's maintain the status quo and then let's get back after the new year and negotiate this then, but it's important the republicans not give in now. they don't-- that's not fair to the voters who put them back in to basically protect the economy and if you want to hurt the economy, the quickest way to do it is to raise taxes on the most productive. >> alisyn: john, you're the editor of real clear we'll see what happens if your prediction comes true, sounds like a good one. >> fingers crossed. >> alisyn: startling new numbers show that teenagers don't think that marijuana is dangerous. our next guest says they couldn't be more wrong, it's an epidemic, the president can't ignore. and just revealed the best city for men, we'll tell you ahead and what that means just ahead. ♪ help me, i'll take you
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♪ >> welcome back, time for news by the numbers. 22,000 how many job applications delta received for just 300 flight attendants jobs. officials say they received two applications every minute after posting the position online. bye-bye. 48 years how long they thought they were married before they found out the marriage was never legal. they just made the marriage legal after the license was never turned in after their wedding. i wonder whose fault that was, left it on the mantle.
3:23 am
finally, 100 the number of cities vying for the best city for men, ratio men to women and other factors and accord to go men's health, raleigh north carolina is the winner, so, single men go down there. kelly. >> kelly: i used to live in raleigh. more and more kids are smoking pot than ever before and a new study shows that teens views on the dangers of the drug fell to a 20-year low. here is the fact, only about 41% of 8th graders believe that occasional pot use is harmful and 12th graders around 21%, are concerned should we be about our teens smoking pot. ahead the faith-based coalition, and a former drug addict himself now in the active campaign against legalizing marijuana, good morning to you. >> good morning, kelly, glad to be here this morning. >> kelly: i'm glad to have you. let's get to this. a lot of people have not
3:24 am
talked about it since the passage of or at least making smoking pot legal in colorado as well as the state of washington. so, is that a sign that perhaps our future use of pot is actually becoming more accepted? >> well, the ones that are taking the brunt of this blow and are being devastated are our teens. this is a very serious epidemic that the obama administration cannot ignore. when you have numbers coming out that tell us we have over 100,000 teens that are going into treatment per year for marijuana treatment and we have an 80% increase, that's new users from 2008, to 2012, that's new users from 12 to 17, that's a serious epidemic, so, yes, we're in serious, serious trouble when it comes to our teens and mental capacity. >> kelly: if we make this an
3:25 am
acceptable practice in all of our states, we're causing harm, as you say to our children and it may hamper their educational development and development as adults? >> well, we have great studies that tell us once they start smoking marijuana their iq drops significantly. their sports activities decline, their mathematical skills decline. and in fact, here is something that's amazing, it exacerbates their mental capacity, in other words, if they have some mental disabilities, it heightens it and so, we are not taking care of our teens because we want taxes, we want money. >> kelly: oh, i see. you want to do more. bishop there are 18 states out there, including the district of columbia that allow the smoking of marijuana for medicinal purposes. let me go beyond that, what
3:26 am
can you do to stem the tide and make people aware of the harmful effects of marijuana use? >> well, we first have to talk to the parents. i want to talk directly to the parents this morning if you allow me. parents, all teens are not smoking marijuana don't believe the hype that marijuana is okay. it's a very harmful drug, you have to talk to your teen. although 18 states said it's medical and teens are buying into that, you must sit down and talk with your teens and let them know the harmful effects of marijuana. we need to step it up and we need to call on the obama administration to do their job, to do what they're supposed to do with the federal law and keep these teens from self-destruction. >> kelly: we thank you for your perspective. that's bishop ron allen. >> thank you, sir. >> kelly: a cop leaping off a peer straight into freezing water to save a woman's life.
3:27 am
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3:31 am
had the zest for life who was killed. and many cite her as a hero and half of the class was saved and the story goes, we don't know, this is reported by six and seven year olds and the story was vague, she apparently hid them all in a closet and when she was killed, when she confronted the gunman and told them that she had sent them to the auditorium, she was killed and when some of the kids heard the gunshots, they ran out and they were killed. >> clayton: and olivia engel, apparently this photo was released by olivia's mother and appeared in the new york post this morning and as we continue to talk about what unfolded that day and of course, you look at the horrible images and many people were reminded what happened and unfolded in columbine, of course. then on friday, this was exacerbated this discussion about gun control and whether or not there should be armed guards in every school put forward by the n.r.a.
3:32 am
if you think about one town in marlboro, new jersey has adopted now what appears to be a program, they've certainly moved quickly on this, going to permit an armed cop in each of the nine schools starting on january 2nd. >> kelly: they actually launched this prior to the n.r.a., something they were putting in place on the heels of what took place at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. they wanted to do something, the mayor of that town said we will spare no expense, we must take care of our children and why they're putting armed guards in all of their schools, getting back to what the n.r.a. said, the n.r.a. wayne laperriere said the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a began and began a lot of talk and controversy out there, and how we should be responding. >> alisyn: it's part of the national dialog, whether that is the best deterrent or other ways to handle it. the mayor marlboro is a town i
3:33 am
knew where, monmouth counties where i grew up. it's one of the pretty s and you can't believe there'd be an armed guard, but in this day and age the mayor said we've made a collective decision as a town we need armed security in each of our schools, with this new evil you can't sit there and hope it it doesn't happen in our town, you must protect our kids. and this is the raging debate whether it will protect the kids. there was an armed guard on duty and stationed at columbine high school all of those years ago when those two teenage gunman went in and they managed to kill 15 kids there and injure 23 others. >> clayton: we should mention this particular-- in marlboro what they're doing, they're going to be glock handguns with the armed guards. and what happened in columbine, the armed guard there had a semi automatic weapon on his person and
3:34 am
that's the weapon that he carried, but he missed, he fired and missed, he was outside at the time, and they were still payable to kill 15 people at columbine and 23 others of course were injured. >> kelly: that's where you get into the hypothetical. if you do have armed guards at schools, will they shoot and miss? >> happens all the time. it happens all the time, in a high stress situation, you know. i just went on this -- on a shoot as we call it here in the broadcast journalism business in the field where i was trained by an incredibly c person and unless you're practicing every single day chances are you might miss your r target. >> clayton: two things, remember what happened near the empire state building this summer, we had a shootout and people shot accidentally trying to take down the gunman, but also we heard from
3:35 am
special forces individuals who served in afghanistan who said it's absurd to think by arming everyone in a school that that's the answer because we train day in and day out to be able to do this. so, this was one part of the argument that the n.r.a. brought up, which is a good part of the argument, where other people were upset with his-- the press conference and the mayor, excuse me, the mayor and the police chief of new york city were upset by the press conference, they felt it was being tone deaf for missing the other side of the argument, which is doing something about assault weapons, and they felt if you remove assault weapons from the mix and yes, you maybe place armed guards at schools, you can try to diffuse part of the situation. >> that's singessentially one o them said from columbine, with you abandon the assault weapons and have an armed guard chances are you can stave a life. getting back to what we've just discussed here, there are situations where people will miss their target ap if your target is a gunman and the
3:36 am
child happens to be nearby, that's a possibility, but this school in your moment area in monmouth county is not the only type of school doing it. we have the governor of the state of virginia also recommending that teachers be armed as well in the classrooms, governor bob mcdonnell who thinks that might be a way of mitigating the circumstances or stopping or preventing this kind of prajdy. something has to be done. >> alisyn: that's ratcheting it up further, to have teachers armed in the school. but to the flip side of what you're saying in terms of it may or may not work. it's a deterrent and if you think having armed guards, that's almost impossible to measure. how do you measure something that didn't happen? it's hard to know to protect. >> kelly: also i like facts and i like statistics, i'm into that and you know, the facts are if you have a gun in your home, that you are not likely to get to it in time.
3:37 am
so, the idea that you have a gun in each classroom, chances are you're not going to get to it in time it and the problem, if you have a gun in the classroom, don't the other students then know that, aren't they aware of that. if you have a students like adam lanza in your class and they're aware of a gun in your classroom and where the key is kept, it raises prickly questions, not easy to talk about. >> alisyn: obviously if there was an easy solution we would have done it already. and people say this must be a multi-pronged solution with mental health and violence in our culture and entertainment and guns all taken into effect. but one father who wants to do something on his own and taken matters in his own hand is going to be at our desk an hour from now, a former marine who stands guard since this happened at his daughter's school. what he can individually do to keep them safe and people say he's been a comforting force in front of the school, just
3:38 am
by standing there as a show of force, and he's going to be with us to talk about how long he's going to do this. meanwhile, we have other news. >> here are your headlines, one of the president's biggest staffers on capitol hill, stopping the progress since election day on immigration reform. and louie gutierrez says, quote, it's great that eva longoria is meeting with the president, but maybe he should gather more of the immigrant community so we can begin to polish up that immigrant policy and get a strategy so that we can really start. president obama won 71% of the hispanic vote in the november election. ted kennedy, jr. could be joining the family business, reportedly considering a run for john kerry's senate seat in massachusetts should kerry be confirmed as the new secretary of state. he currently runs a financial firm, but senior democrats feel he's the best chance to hold on to that seat because of his family's legacy.
3:39 am
senator scott brown who lost to elizabeth warren is considered to be the candidate for the case. he jumped pd into the freezing water to save a woman. she was struggling to keep her head above water. he swam out and used a life preserver to keep her afloat and they brought the woman and officer back to shore. >> and down there-- >> the woman said she fell into the water accidentally. she had hypothermia, but otherwise she's doing okay. thank goodness for our police officers. >> wow. >> alisyn: we've heard about strange criminals in the past, but this guy takes the cake. literally. police say dan bailey ran out of gas and tried knocking on a chicago family's door for help. when no one answered, he broke in making himself right at home and ate some coffee cake. >> clayton: was it drake's
3:40 am
coffee cake? >> he even plugged in the christmas tree. wasn't he considerate? he does, he's feeling festive. it turns out the family was asleep the whole time. they woke to find him petting their cat. >> clayton: sounds like an adorable criminal. >> alisyn: he is an adorable criminal. police showed up and well, arrested him. >> clayton: and people thought he was home for christmas like the folger's commercial. >> rick: sure he doesn't come down the chimney and shaved he when he got in there? think about it. kelly, i feel like i'm 36 again. >> what does that mean. >> kelly: no chance of that happening. >> rick: i think that's what i was when you sat on that couch, i started. >> kelly: it has been a while. >> rick: like old home week. nice to see you. >> kelly: you too. >> rick: a white christmas, a lot of people have snow on the ground from the snow we had this it week, goes the plains. take a look at oklahoma city,
3:41 am
there you go, got some snow coming, that's going to be tuesday, christmas day, a storm could be a pretty windy storm as well and might want to get home to moms early in the day because the conditions are going to get worse as the day goes on and also a chance that day by the way for severe weather across parts of louisiana and mississippi and watch out for that as well. take a look at your forecast in the northeast, we're going to be talking about a little bit more lake effect snow especially across places like watertown and the plateau, aside from that a better day than yesterday and not as windy and temps maybe a degree or two warmer, certainly, a cold one. down to the southeast, we have a very cold morning across areas of florida, tonight will not be as cold as it is this morning, so, you have that to look forward to. and the showers across parts of louisiana today and mississippi, that's a little system that's going to become a possible christmas eve snow maker, for pennsylvania and upstate new york and parts of new england. and a light snow maker, but introduce snow, none of the less, make you wake up tuesday
3:42 am
morning to a white christmas as well and the northern plains, a very cold day today, and into the single digits and grand port two degrees, the cold air is certainly in place there, and across the west, pulling into northern and central california bringing very heavy rainfall and very significant mountain snow. sierra nevadas today another two to three feet of snow, a few higher elevation spots, maybe another four feet of snow. so that's certainly some good news. guys you know where that's good news? >> what? >> i'm going to lake tahoe skiing and they're getting a lot of snow. >> clayton: i hope they have the logs cut for you in the fire as well. >> rick: me, too. >> clayton: have a nice time, rick, have some hot cocoa. >> kelly: i like to know i make you feel young again. >> alisyn: that's sweet. remember this famous scene from the the brady bunch. >> all i hear all day long at school, how great marsha is at this or how wonderful marsha did that, marsha, marsha,
3:43 am
marsha! >> and the sibling rivalry could actually be damaging your children for life. dr. mark segal explains the dangers of the sibling rivalry. >> and he barely had time to unpack his bags. looks like tim tebow is heading south for the winter. the new details straight ahead. ♪ and i'll be taking care of business every day ♪ ♪ taking care of business every way ♪ ♪ i said taking care of business it's so nice ♪ bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms.
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3:47 am
and it looks like tim tebow will be parting ways with the new york jets. a new espn report says it's almost a certainty that tebow will leave the jets at the end of the season. word is he'll wind up with the jacksonville jaguars. jacksonville tried to get tebow last year and reportedly still wants him on their team. ♪ >> all right. parents, listen up, remember this scene from the brady bunch? >> all i hear all day long at school, how great marsha is at this. how wonderful marsha did that. marsha, marsha, marsha. >> alisyn: marsha, marsha, marsha, is that harmless sibling rivalry. it turns out they're having anxiety and depression. >> clayton: dr. mark siegel,
3:48 am
good to see you. obviously we make fun of it sibling rivalry, i picked on my sister, she picked on me. maybe something deep ser going on. >> clayton, full disclosure, i would have to be disqualified from my sister and me, and my children. and i'm 152. >> alisyn: everybody fights with siblings, isn't this par for the course? what makes us think now that woo lead to depression and anxiety. >> the study sim pacts in teens, 12 to 15. studied over a year at university of missouri and a year later if they violated personal space and didn't give you your room and own video game. if one sibling was intruding on another's personal space, the result was increased depression and anxiety. the indication was let the person have their room, let them their space. middle children i think have
3:49 am
it the worse, trying to figure out the space is, they're not the oldest, not the youngest. >> clayton: they're trying to figure out their roles. the middle kid not the youngest anymore, not the oldest and anxiety and depressed. put the risks on the scene, arguments about fairness, link today depression. >> alisyn: let me stop there, that's important. in other words, the argument is mommy lets you do this and she doesn't let me do this. and why did daddy give you that and not me. >> and that's the study in the brain hormones. are the stress hormones increased? that causes depression. if you war and your bad hormones get up and you get anxiety and depressed you have a long-term problem and the risk of social media here is. i think that things have changed. my kids sit there, they text each other, on facebook all day long, not listening to me at all and the study shows
3:50 am
that parents can't intervene anymore. parents can't say, hey, stick to your room. they don't-- i wish i could help, but it doesn't look like i make a difference at all. >> clayton: also, the belongings issues and arguments about belongings lead to anxiety and seems obvious. it's troubling, we're talking 12 year olds. there's got to be earlier assessment, if you're two and three years old and before you get to 12 is there a way to stop it? >> i think it's an excellent point. the studies show by the time you're 12 and 15 parents can't do anything. i think that role modeling is the key thing. when you have a young child if you're fighting, they're going to fight. if you don't observe boundaries, they're going to observe boundaries, go back to old-fashioned, family meals and timeout when kids get anxious. once they learn boundaries, our sister and i were warring over the center of the room, we shared a room and couldn't
3:51 am
figure out the line down the middle of the room. >> alisyn: dr. marc siegel we do, even if your children don't. thank you. >> doctor, merry christmas, thanks. coming up on the show, presidents and how president george h.w. bush's pet caused drama at the white house and other stays you won't hear anywhere else about the white house. ♪ putting on the ritz ♪ this holiday, share everything.
3:52 am
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3:54 am
>> well from puppies to ponies, a new book takes us inside the pets who live at
3:55 am
1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> alisyn: whether they were providing companionship or softening a president's political image, these pets played an important role in white house history and jennifer pickens, 50 years of presidents and their pets, good morning, jennifer. >> good morning, merry christmas. >> alisyn: merry christmas to you, too. who are the most or which would you say are the most famous pets of the white house? >> oh, my god, so many to choose from. caroline kennedy's pony, macaroni was an all time favorite f favorite. every little girl wanted a pony and the stables. and millie, barbara bush's springer spaniel who wrote her own book and she's an all-time favorite and first lady barbara bush actually wrote the forward to this. >> kelly: what about our recent president george w. bush. >> george w. bush of course
3:56 am
spot, one of millie's puppy, the only white house pet to live in the the white house under two different administrations and then of course, they had barney and all time favorites with the barney cam and first lady laura bush, uniquely used barney as a tool to open up the white house, in my opinion, to more people than ever before and the world because every could go into the white house and see the barney cam and enjoy the white house firsthand up close and personal. >> alisyn: the barney cam was funny. i remember some white house correspondent dinners they made light of that. >> absolutely. >> alisyn: you say the roles of the pets is not just companionship, but serves to humanize the presidents. how do they do that? >> i think it gives them a great way to relate to the president. and many of us have pets and when you see the wonderful images with them with their pets and hear the stories, it give gives us a way to relate to
3:57 am
them. president ford had a liberty, pregnant with puppies. and woke up president ford in the middle of the night and got up at 3 a.m. and took liberty on the south lawn to do her business and when they finished to go back in the white house, he was locked out of the white house with the dog. so liberty and president ford start making their way upstairs, thinking i'll go up to the balcony and maybe get on another floor, they made it all the way up to the third floor and still locked out. so, it wasn't until they got back downstairs secret service finally figured out the president, you know, is locked out of the white house, yes. >> alisyn: great stories. great stories in the book and again, it's pets at the white house, jennifer pickens, thank you for sharing them with us. >> thank you for having me. >> kelly: more "fox & friends."
3:58 am
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>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, december 23rd, i'm alisyn camerota. fiscal cliff talks coming to a stand still.
4:01 am
one senator says congress better get serious because the real deadline is just four days away, we'll explain. >> kelly: did you know even if a deal is reached, your paycheck is still going to take a plunge anyway. why 2% of your money is coming out ever your paycheck no matter what happens on the hill. >> clayton: plus, he served and protected his country and now this former marine is making it his mission to keep his kid safe at school. he's taking matters in his own hands outside school. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, everybody, thanks so much for joining us on this pre-christmas weekend. great to have kelly wright with us sitening for dave briggs. >> kelly: good morning. >> clayton: man to man, have you gotten your christmas shopping done. >> alisyn: he's a real man. >> kelly: i've done it. >> clayton: a better man.
4:02 am
>> kelly: doesn't mean i did it on time. >> clayton: i made the mistake of going to the mall yesterday, and i'm sure most of you were there and the sad looks on men's faces and just all men there. >> kelly: by experience, i was prepared. >> clayton: didn't want to go to the mall on the last day. >> alisyn: and some day you'll learn from experience. >> clayton: only two shopping days left, but there are four days left until the fiscal cliff. you would think it'd be the end of the year, right? >> that's what we've always thought and saying by new year's eve, by the end of the year. au contraire. >> no, the real deal for this is just four days away, 12-27, just two days after christmas. that's four days away that we are going to walk off of this fiscal cliff. >> alisyn: the reason it's that day, kelly, he said that the congress, the house at least would have to review it before they ratify it so technically it has to happen on the 27th. they can't wait until the
4:03 am
31st, they wouldn't have time. >> kelly: if that doesn't happen, guess what? we're going off the the cliff and some argue that that's exactly what some members of congress want and some are arguing that's what the president wants. but congressman sessions says you've got to get it done. if you don't, the payment goes up for everybody. and imagine what he says, we have to read this thing and analyze it and listen to what the senator has to say. >> we're about to come back in next week, thursday, everybody says, thursday, maybe going into friday, but we do not need to have a serious matter involving more than a trillion dollars of united states taxpayers money dropped on the senate next thursday without us having been able to read it and analyze it and having it scored and being able to rubber stamp it like the old communist parliament in
4:04 am
russia. >> alisyn: that's the talk, they would pass something without reading it? when have we heard that before? >> never. >> alisyn: is he saying we learned our lesson or everybody would agree with that. interesting in the wall street journal, what's going on behind closed doors, between john boehner and president obama. it's unclear how they know this, somebody in the room taking notes and who knows whether it was actually the president or john boehner who sent this information. basically the president made a threat. >> clayton: because he feels emboldened after the election and that's what the wall street journal says and he was basically pretty blurnt with the speak the-- blunt with the speaker at one point mr. boehner says i put up 800 billion dollars on tax revenue on the table. what do i get. you get nothing, i get that for free.
4:05 am
goes on from there. >> kelly: and the president says, the deal is the not done, i will blame the republicans during the state of the union address. of course, republicans can't afford to have that kind of blame coming as well. there's blame going on in both houses and each one doing something, and isn't the dog in the room, getting something done. >> clayton: where are they call them back. >> kelly: your paycheck, your paycheck, my paycheck, all of our paychecks are going to be adversely affected. >> alisyn: not only if we plunge off the fiscal cliff, even if we don't go off the fiscal cliff, the new york post has broken it down this morning and said, remember how -- president obama has been able to say he's lowering everybody's taxes because he put in that payroll holiday and payroll tax holiday. so everybody's taxes for the past two years, the social security tax 6.2 to 4.2%. that expires, sun sets at the end of this and that's not part of the fiscal cliff negotiations. everybody's-- there will be a bite taken out
4:06 am
of every single person's paycheck because that holiday is over. >> clayton: yes, 2% we're talking here so it's going to go back to, as alisyn pointed out, that 6.2%, it's currently 4.2%. will they extend this thing? is this part of the negotiations? we don't know, so far it hasn't been, is it going to be put on the table at any point. >> kelly: unlike you, people on capitol hill scratching their heads and saying, what is going on, why haven't we had a common sense agreement bipartisan to get something done and everyone is scratching their heads and wall street is saying we're very uncertain here so we're not sure. >> clayton: you see wall street cashing out big bonuses right now because they're not sure how 2013 is going to play out and capital gains money and selling off big shares of stock and performing well for them in their portfolios. a lot headed into as sessions says, only four days left. >> alisyn: say that one more time. >> clayton: session.
4:07 am
>> kelly: sessions says. >> alisyn: meanwhile, let's get to your headlines, what else is happening, if you're waking up for the first time since his release we're hearing from the veteran john hammar's mom. he was held in a mexican jail and he had an antique gun and carried it across the border. >> it was my first night i slept all night long without getting up and it was the thought of not wondering what's going on with him, can anyone hurt him, can i-- i honestly can't totally process it i think until he's here. >> alisyn: john hammar and his father are set to arrive back home in florida today. illegal immigrants arrested for minor crimes will not be targeted for deportation and president obama announcing ice will only hold those who committed more serious crimes. the changes after sheriffs and police departments nationwide say they will not cooperate with ice and hold low level offenders for deportation. ice says the policy change will let them focus on
4:08 am
arresting felons and repeat offenders. dj behind that royal prank call could now face criminal charges. british police are investigating whether any laws were broken by the hoax. a nurse at the hospital where kate middleton was, killed herself after they duped her thinking the queen was on the phone. and the radio show has been canceled and station has reportedly pledged to the family. a little boy in new york got a big surprise at the kindergarten christmas concert. >> and it's your dad (applause) >> oh, my gosh, and he returned home and surprised his five-year-old son for christmas. corporal armstrong spent a year stationed in kuwait and grateful he's back. >> words don't explain it. you know, you don't see the type of love until you come back home, really, and you know, it's overwhelming. >> alisyn: the family's big
4:09 am
plans for christmas, a lot of play time with daddy! >> welcome home, dad. lets check with rick reichmuth. >> rick: very cold across florida, get ready because it's going to get better. tonight's low the biggest improvement tonight. this morning, it's going to get better and have that to look forward to. the rest of the country cold across parts of the north and in fact, tonight is going to remain gold towards the northern plains and allow us to see snow and stormy conditions the next couple of weeks, much more active weather pattern for everybody, get ready to see a lot of snow potentially falling for a lot of people. today, just across parts of areas east of lake ontario, we'll continue to see the lake effect snow and everybody else drier, much in the central part of the country looking very fine and it's right here across the west and the next
4:10 am
storm moving into central and northern california, more rain and more mountain snow and oregon into the northwest and the moisture across areas of northern california. that's going to transition into a big snowstorm monday into the northern rockies, tuesday into the southern plains and wednesday across parts of the east so we have a lot to-- that's going to be coming. today, temperatures looking like this, warmer in towards texas, that will begin to change by tuesday, tomorrow, temps looking like this, only 59 in dallas and then on tuesday, those temps dropped as well. all right, guys, back to you. >> kelly: thank you, rick. >> alisyn: thanks, rick. how one u.s. marine and dad is taking matters of school safety into his own hands. he's standing guard outside of his child's school. how are other parents responding, how is it working next. >> kelly: and atheists put up this billboard. we'll tell you why the community is so outraged.
4:11 am
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4:14 am
children's elementary school. he joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> alisyn: why are you doing this? >> what choice do i have? >> well i mean-- . my kids were afraid. >> alisyn: let's talk about that. you have a second grader who is seven and a first grader who is six. so, of course, they he were afraid. i mean, this is exactly the same age as the kids who tragically lost their lives in newtown. but you know, not every parent is going to stand guard in front of their kids' school. so what made you want to pull down your old marine uniform and go do it? >> well, to me and my kids, that uniform represents protection. they know when i put on that uniform, i stand for something and that i'm going to keep them safe and so, it was the only uniform that i had. i had to wear that uniform just to let them know, and to be there with them. >> alisyn: are you armed? >> no, ma'am. i was not armed. i really didn't want to get
4:15 am
arrested for carrying a weapon on to school property. >> alisyn: yeah, that makes sense. but, i mean, the guess the point is just the image of you standing and greeting kids in front of their school in that uniform sends a message of protection. what have parents and other kids said to you about this? >> oh, they thank me over and over. they drew cards for me and said they felt safe. i don't know if you can see them or not. but their stocking says mom, dad and sergeant prichert. a little girl said she felt extremely safe with me standing out there. i can't describe the feeling, honestly. >> alisyn: that's really touching. >> but listen, sergeant, i mean, you volunteer, you're not paid to do this. how long can you keep this up? >> we'll see. we'll see, it's a good christmas season. hopefully the new year brings
4:16 am
new employment opportunities and i look forward to it, but i'll do it as long as i physically and financially can. >> alisyn: so you plan to go every single morning to your children's elementary school and stand there while they arrive and you don't do this all day, right? >> yeah, all day. >> alisyn: you stand all day for eight hours while they're in school? >> yes, ma'am. >> alisyn: oh, my-- >> they're my kids. what choice do i have? it's either i sit back and i wait on something else to happen or someone else to protect them or i get up and i do something and i protect my kids. >> alisyn: sergeant, that's incredible. i understand there was some controversy about you wearing the uniform. you are retired. where does that stand? >> well, technically i'm he not retired. my contract ended after eight years and i just, it's called end of service, eas. and eas, given that, you can't
4:17 am
wear your uniform after eas. specific guidelines when and where you can wear your uniform after getting out of the marine corps. >> alisyn: where does it stand now. will you be able to on the first week of january wear your uniform. >> i have made the decision to not wear my uniform, i respect the marine corps and rules and regulations, what the marine corps is founded on. i can't, i can't disrespect their leadership. i respect them too much. the uniform came in handy, i wore it when it was needed. >> i understand. >> it's not needed now. i made the point. does that make sense? >> sort of. so you plan to show up again the first week of van and you will stand vigil, but you won't be able to wear the uniform. >> no, i won't wear the uniform. i'm sure we can come up with a different, you know, a school uniform or something like that, just to let the kids know, they know who i am now and what i represent, what i stand for.
4:18 am
honor, courage and commitment, now, just because i got out of the marine corps doesn't mean i'm not a marine anymore, they know i'm out there and watching over them. >> alisyn: it sounds like it. george prichert as we were talking about are a former marine corps staff sergeant and we'll be watching you to see how it unfolds. best of luck to you in the new year. >> thank you, ma'am, very much. and merry christmas to all of you guys up there, too. >> alisyn: thanks so much. >> have a great day. >> alisyn: you, too. coming up next, have the nfl new concussion rules made players too soft? we'll debate that theory. and they may not be the grinch, but they're certainly stealing christmas presents, that is, right off people's front steps. ♪ i'll have a blue christmas without you ♪ ♪ i'll be so blue thinking about you ♪
4:19 am
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4:22 am
>> some quick headlines for you, atheists in virginia creating controversy with the new billboard, it reads quote, don't believe in god, join the club. many in roanoke are outraged it went up before christmas and with the catch. watching lions detroit receiver calvin johnson, megatron, broke the single receiving yards record of 1848 yards, set an in 1995. 1892 yards with one game still to go. congratulations, clayton? >> thanks so much, kelly. more football now. you're looking for a last minute gift for the football fan in your life. we've got it. the new book called the last
4:23 am
head bangers, nfl in the rowdy, reckless, 1970's. highlights what many say is the greatest era of footballs, the '70s, when players were hard hitting and ruthless. joining us now is the author of this book. >> nice to see you. >> clayton: you're here on an interesting day, 40 years ago today what happened? >> that's right, 40 years ago today. the immaculate reception, the most famous play, terry bradshaw to franco harris' hands and sets off the dynasty of the pittsburgh steelers, football was about to take it over and hadn't happened yet. franko harris, hitchhiking to practice and terry bradshaw, threw the ball going home after the season and sell used cars. the money wasn't it is today. >> clayton: they didn't have instant replay and remarkable calls by the referee that we
4:24 am
didn't need instant replay for them to say it was a touchdown. let's talk about the title of the book, "the last head bangers" because it's so relevant to what we're going through right now in the nfl here, suicide in the nfl as a result of concussion-- we think as a result of concussion and the individuals who have left the nfl and suffer all of this incredible pain. and yet, there's others who go on and who are fine, don't have these sorts of issues. the nfl looking hard at this and doctors looking at it hard, but you write in "the last head bangers" individuals like phil villepiano before the title games doing what with his head. >> he was an original head banger and try his helmet on and shake his head around, if it rattles he doesn't want to run around on the field and looking for players with he would take it off, knock his head on the cement wl and head swells and helmet feels
4:25 am
better. some players get along fine for decades, but some suffer. and that looms over the game and that's the last head bangers. >> clayton: take me through the book "the last headbangers" and the tolls in the '70s, a great case study. >> it was more violent. hits were allowed that would get you suspended forever today. one thing i believe will be the next step in sports medicine how to find out why some of us are so vulnerable to concussion and some seem to bounce right back. once we figure that out. a way to prevent them. >> clayton: 4,000 retired nfl players are currently plaintiffs in different concussion cases going on. what are we learning from those 4,000 individuals? >> well, i think that the game needs to do more for the retired players that built the modern game that we know today. we call them the nfl's greatest generation, they
4:26 am
didn't make gazillions of dollars in those days and a lot of them are suffering and families are, too. and the fans of the game owes them a debt for the sacrifice in the '70s and even before that. >> you're looking at some the research and interesting what some of the doctors are looking at the brain labs we were talking off camera before the interview. while you have some individuals who suffer no apparent or at least outwardly obvious symptoms of concussion, and then others with similar amount of concussions are winding up in hospitals, driving around in circles in parking lots until someone comes and finds them and takes them home? >> that's true. we don't know the reason why the effects are so different, but you do have this issue looming over the players themselves, players who are lucid as can be like franco harris and bradshaw and philippi philippi philippineano. >> and if you forget your keys
4:27 am
or somebody's phone number, is this how it starts. >> clayton: you're writing the book, a the era, but-- >> it's the wild and wooley football that was played in its way, not saying it's better, totally different. >> clayton: a great stocking suffer, the last headbangers". a dream cruise to italy pass injuries are fired up when they're sick. and stressful? i was at the mall. we're talk about the biggest pet peeves this time of the year. ♪ this christmas fire side blazing bright ♪ ♪ we're carolling through the
4:28 am
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♪ ♪ bought some corn for popping ♪ >> the little guy looks happy to you? talking about ugly christmas sweaters a couple of weeks ago and apparently the babies aren't immune to this and parents are forcing. >> alisyn: that's cruel. >> clayton: some of the outfits the little guys are subjected to. >> alisyn: the facial expressions say years of therapy u when they're older and look back. and so, you know, we were kidding and pictures, my wife puts the bow on our daughter's head and we wonder if when they're older-- >> it's great for your wedding rehearsal dinner to save these pictures for that moment. >> clayton: so we want to say-- i put this out on twitter earlier and please send them
4:32 am
to ff weekend or facebook page. if you have ugly christmas sweater baby photos out there. the uglier the better, not the babies, but the sweaters themselves, the ones you want us to vote on. >> kelly: and see them in it. >> alisyn: we need to see the baby, and see their pained expressions and talk about that in the after the show show. meanwhile, let's talk about what's going on on capitol hill or was this past week and the foreign senate relations committee had another hearing on the benghazi disaster and whether or not it was a coverup. well, senator jim inhofe of oklahoma likening what went on in benghazi, afterwards, how the administration handled it, he says, to the largest coverup he's seen in his career. >> they don't talk about this, they deon't talk about who changed it, and who was involved in the coverup and obama had been saying he's done away with al-qaeda.
4:33 am
well, this is al-qaeda-- i've made studies of different coverups, the pentagon papers and watergate and iran-contra and i think this is the greatest coverup in my memory anyway. >> clayton: at the heart of this all of this, of course, the four individuals who died during that tragedy and the answers are still in the being found, as our own catherine herridge reported yesterday on our show, pointing out that more questions emerging about who knew what when at the state department and when these cables, these sort of desperate cables for security and security issues, a series of them, how far up the chain of command did they go? did they go to hillary clinton's office on the 7th floor? the state department has maintained of course up until now at least that it was low level, or assistance to the secretary of state that has handled this information and whether or not at least one cable, according to the
4:34 am
katherine herridge's report, was there any action on that, why didn't they ask for more security at the time and hillary clinton of course still suffering from a concussion or recovering from a concussion and hasn't been able to answer that, but she will in testimony coming up. >> kelly: the bottom line, something definitely was wrong, they didn't follow up on the needs of the people there at the consulate at benghazi. this was on 9/11 and on 9/11 you've got to have security and first, one question will be asked, why were they there to begin with on such a traumatic or stressful day as 9/11 for americans throughout the world. so, when you have al-qaeda already targeting soft targets like our embassies, they should have never been there to begin with. >> alisyn: and hillary clinton had to miss her testimonial day because she had to fell and had a concussion. i was reading this morning, she will testify this january, i hadn't read this definitively before. this is on talk radio's website and she'll testify in
4:35 am
january, so more answers are forth coming no doubt. meanwhile, let's get to the headlines, what else is happening if you're just waking up. president obama and first lady will attend a ceremony for the former senator. it will be held alt the national memorial of the pacific and the president is not expected to speak. he eulogized in a way in washington on friday, calling his integrity and moral character inspiring. more than one hundred get sick with a stomach virus on a cruiseship on a 20 day trip to italy when the norovirus began to spread. passengers were quickly quarantined and few members sanitized in an effort to contain the outbreak. passengers say it was a miserable experience. >> it was terrible. i thought i was dying. >> they were very good at taking care of us and took care of all of our needs. they came in and sanitized the
4:36 am
rooms three times a day while he we were ill. >> alisyn: it sounds terrible and all the sick passengers since recovered. yesterday we showed you the video of an ups man caught on camera stealing christmas presents and now new video in one neighborhood in seattle, washington. you can see one subject walks right out of his car, picks up a package from the front porch and bolts. surveillance cameras caught this woman strolling right up to a well-lit porch and stealing this box. police are still looking for both of them. >> clayton: you know what i'm struck by, how many people are using web cams on front porches. >> alisyn: and when you haven't done your christmas shopping in time, this is not the answer, people. >> kelly: and they're stealing in the day as well. during the daylight hours. >> clayton: it's expected everyone is at work and boxes piling up while you're at work. >> kelly: exactly. >> clayton: our booth wants to
4:37 am
know where are the neighborhoods where rick has been stealing. >> rick: i haven't started yesterday and occurred that christmas is tuesday and i better-- >> and as the weather guy it's troubling you didn't know that. >> rick: i'm thinking about the weather, but not thinking about the calendar. >> kelly: are you finished with your shopping or haven't started? >> i haven't started. >> clayton: rick asked me for tech advice for his parents. >> rick: something i was thinking of getting. >> alisyn: you still have some-- >> something that has to be ordered. yeah, all right. i guess i'll do that. clayton, let's talk. >> clayton: okay. >> rick: take a look at the weather maps, guys, your temps as you're waking up this morning, a cold morning across the country and right there to the south, in texas and louisiana and arkansas, that's where the only kind of warm spot is, it's cold in florida and cold towards the north. take a look at what's going to happen. a little disturbance that's going to develop across the southern plains. the future radar is what the models depicts the radar is going to look like. we've got a little storm that
4:38 am
pulled off to the ohio valley and the northeast and looks like by tomorrow afternoon, which is christmas eve we've got snow across much of pennsylvania and towards upstate new york, flirting with new york city. and eventually overnight, that will move throughout much of new england, so a lot of people are going wake up on tuesday morning, to the coating of snow which is going to be very, very nice. meanwhile, today, if you're travelling, take a look at your forecast into the northeast, looking pretty good. a little bit of lake effect snow, still. temps cool. not as windy as yesterday and more sunshine than yesterday as well. down towards the southeast, a cool start to the morning, there. but those what i was talking about beginning to form this afternoon in across areas of louisiana and mississippi. a very nice day today in texas and enjoy that 51 in oklahoma city because on tuesday, christmas day, air going to get snow. into the northern plains, a very cold day, only single digit high temperatures into the north and across the west, we have been talking for days and days, about the rain and the snow. and it continues, although it
4:39 am
does get better tomorrow. all right, back to you inside. >> all right, rick. you'll enjoy the talking point, rick. you sort of fed into it. and rasmussen just did a poll, whether or not americans find christmas and holiday season joyous or stressful. we're happy to report that more people, 46% do find it joyous, but it's almost evenly divided with people who find it stressful. 42%. >> kelly: those who find it stressful are those who are not bah humbug, i'm late, i'm late i can't get out there. >> alisyn: like rick. >> kelly: or like clayton. >> clayton: and we went to the mall and the santa pictures and waited a week to get my son ready for it, tearful and worried about santa and built it up for a week and shed a tear and then fine, but it was so crowded and my wife almost said something. e-mail if you think you would have done this, there was a family yelling at their kids. husband and wife yelling at their kids and the wife
4:40 am
stormed off and the dad's standing there and he's yelling at the kids and you're thinking, is this the holidays? i mean, my wife i almost want today say something. swearing at their kids, is this what you do. >> alisyn: is that the christmas spirit you're exhibiting? and they've done a survey of the top holiday pet peeves and here are a few of them. number one, traffic and congestion, we hear about that all the time on the travel days. and taking you two to three times as long to get where you're trying to go. >> clayton: and also getting these early decorations and the early displays started. people were upset about these things, that they started right around halloween. >> alisyn: they do start then. i think that's annoying. >> clayton: now what, when the starbucks holiday cup arrives. >> alisyn: yeah. >> clayton: that's when i know it's christmas. >> kelly: right here, everyone talking about gifts, not the spirit of the holiday, that really bugs me, it's all about the gifts rather than-- and the real gift of christmas is the reason why we celebrate it. >> clayton: of course, and
4:41 am
family and love to be together and not, what if we took the toys and everything out underneath the tree. >> alisyn: that's a good reminder. >> clayton: and i think. >> kelly: as a family? and the kids play with the boxes they come in anyway just as much as the gift remember that before you spend money. >> clayton: people that cut in line. i don't like that anytime of the year and if you're near me i'm the guy that says something in an open and vocal way because people know that they're cutting in line. you know, if you-- it's obvious that you don't know that the line is all the way down the block, then i forgive you, but you know what you're doing. >> alisyn: do you have a go-to clever line that you just drop on them. >> clayton: i sort of do it passive aggressively. oh, you must not have seen the line. it's all the way down there. i understand you probably missed that. >> kelly: passive aggressive, it works. and travel prices too high, is that a problem for you. >> alisyn: no because i drive there, but we were saying, i can understand why that's
4:42 am
people's pet peeves, not guys for price gouging around that time. you can send us yours. >> clayton: send us your pet peeves, ff weekend on twitter. coming up on the show, it's a military tradition at west point been around since the days of george washington. that could change. father john is going to weigh in on what that is next. >> kelly: we're told don't try to sell your homes during the holidays. a real estate expert says that's a myth and good reasons as to why you should put your house on the market this time of year. we'll hear from here next. her next. ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪
4:43 am
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4:45 am
>> they're trained to protect our country, but now west point cadets may not be allowed to pray. americans united for separation of church and state is asking the u.s. military academy to stop including
4:46 am
prayer at all official>> joinin religion contributor father jonathan morris. >> happy sunday. >> kelly: an issue, and let me give awe statement what they're actually saying. they're saying and pull that up quickly, west point cadets should be able to train for service in our nation's military without having religion forced upon them. academy officials must respect the religious liberty rights of all cadets who should be free to make their own decisions about prayer without government coercion. this has been a practice at west point since george washington. >> i'm absolutely in favor of cadets not having to go under government coercion to pray. you don't have to pray. in fact, 1972, there was a court ruling saying that cadets were not-- should not be required to attend religious services, that's a very good court decision. a very different thing to say however, that no one is
4:47 am
allowed to pray publicly at an event there at west point. i use today lead a bible study at west point. i know how religious so many of those cadets are and for them not to be able to express that or leadership able to express that, thanksgiving or christmas before meals. what we're doing is we're taking out all religious expression from the public square, that's the goal of these activist atheist groups, what they're trying to get at. you know, kelly and alisyn, i was happily shocked and blessed after the newtown, connecticut tragedy president obama was there present and we had all the different religious leaders in a public school expressing their faith in a time of tragedy, are we really going to in our country say that prayer is only allowed in public after a tragedy? that's what these -- why would
4:48 am
the-- why were the atheists not upset and put up billboards after the newtown, connecticut tragedy, why weren't they? they knew the american spirit would fight back against that. and i'm glad we're doing this story. >> alisyn: father jonathan, you have a good perspective and the other side of this is the cadets who are not religious say at thanksgiving dinner and christmas dinner they feel left out and isolated when everyone is praying and they feel it's a self-conscious experience if you decide to sit that out. >> our top military soldiers, cadets feel like they're being left out? come on, this is one or two people getting involved with this, these radical activist organizations trying to make a fuss. agnostics, atheist ins our academies do not feel like having their feelings hurt because somebody prays to god. i think they can handle it. just as i could handle, an
4:49 am
atheist telling me i don't believe in god. i have no problem with that, a moment of silence and talk to yourself because god does not exist and i'd sit there and watch you do that i'm okay with that. >> alisyn: you always bring a fresh perspective. >> i could not handle going through the military academy, i can assure you, but i can handle someone praying to a god doesn't believe exist. >> alisyn: you say no feelings hurt. >> kelly: i used to be in the army and there are no atheists in fox holes when the fire is coming you're praying. >> and those who might be an atheist in the fox hole would be fine with somebody praying just in case. >> kelly: will you pray for me-- >> just in case, i don't believe in him, but just in case i'm happy to get out of here however i can. >> alisyn: father john, merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas. >> alisyn: and speaking of comfort, let's talk about comfort food. these are big ole plates of mac and cheese.
4:50 am
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4:53 am
>> and welcome back, this time of year easy to pack on the pounds, just look the at me. >> alisyn: a new book, cook this, not that, comfort foods, you can have your cake and eat it. not comfort food, how can it not be fattening? >> comfort food has been hijacked by the industry.
4:54 am
it's a basic formula of fat, salt, carbohydrates. >> alisyn: yum. >> i know it's yum, but we're trying it reverse the comfort to calorie ratio and you can eat it and still melt fat along the way. >> clayton: you always pair bad ideas with good ideas in the book. >> yes. >> clayton: here what do you have. >> a chili, bacon ranch burger, the more syllables and calories how the restaurant world. 1700 calories worse than three big mac's and 26 small bags of lays potato chips. >> alisyn: you suggest the berger with red wine mushrooms. >> ground sirloin, lower in fat protein, a condiment with caramelized mushrooms and. >> alisyn: much better. >> clayton: the year idea french toast from cheesecake
4:55 am
factory. literally the worst meal in america, 2910 calories, not one we're looking at. this is the good stuff here. >> alisyn: don't go to the cheesecake factory-- >> we do something fun, ha vanil vanilla bourbon and it will cook off if you have kids. and looking at 330 calories, 8 grams of fat and lose two-thirds of a pound every time you make this one decision. >> alisyn: to eat that and lose weight, i can do that. and let's talk about macaroni and cheese. >> we'll do a demo, macaroni and cheese is more than any on the planet, but this version will help you save. >> you're comparing this to pizzeria, uno's chicago grill, theirs has 1900 calories and 3400 grams of fat and yours is only 306 calories. >> alisyn: you're putting--
4:56 am
>> it's got butter and flour, low fat milk and what are' doing sharp cheddar cheese, the sharper the better. >> clayton: it doesn't seem you're scrimping on taste. >> and the cheese and at the end add the greek yogurt and creamy texture without passing on the calories. do you mind stirring this. >> alisyn: be happy to. this is the finished product. >> after about five minutes of simmering, quick stuff and dump in the pasta here and coat it up, and then the last little trick here we're going to put it into a baking dish and add the bread crumbs, japanese style instead of using-- these crisp up better and put it it under the broiler five minutes and 360 calories. >> alisyn: this is the finished product and looks delicious compared to this looks fine, but a thousand calories. >> clayton: on top of that, 12.40 they charge aing you.
4:57 am
>> where did you skimp on the calories? >> this mac and cheese with heavy cream and butter cooked down and down and down in the oven until it absorbs the calories. >> and the book is eat this, not that. cook this, not that. skinny comfort foods. >> clayton: good stocking suffer. and coming up on the show we've got fox news anchor chris wallace, the fiscal cliff inside the beltway, is there a break through or not? >> if you have a cold, chicken soup. turns out it's not an old wives tale, we'll explain. knit night ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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5:01 am
the click is ticking on the fiscal cliff deal. is there any chance for a compromise at this hour? we'll ask chris wallace all about that coming up. >> kelly: in the wake of the school massacre in connecticut one town says it will have armed guards stationed at its schools. is that the right response? we report, you decide. >> clayton: a dog rescued from a war zone returns the favor by saving his new owner's life. we'll meet the courageous canine coming up on the show. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now if you're keeping track at home. ♪ >> good morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. thanks to kelly wright for sitting in for dave briggs. >> kelly: my pleasure. >> alisyn: yesterday we are saying goodbye to dave briggs, he's moving on the end of the year. last time we'll be together.
5:02 am
sad. >> kelly: let me take the moment to say happy new years and merry christmas today. >> alisyn: thanks. and there is, as you know, a national dialog going on how we can prevent the tragedy that happened in newtown, connecticut from ever happening again. and there's all sorts of talk, as you know, about what would you do in the mental health field and what we can do to school safety and gun violence. and amidst all this, a mom of one of the little six year olds who was killed has released the class photo and it is a tragic, sad, heart wrenching photo because half the kids in the class survived. >> if you look at the corner, that's the teacher victoria soto, the reports are was so courageous in saving as many kids as she could when she was hearing the gunfire. we understand, you know, tried to block the door and help put her kids and hide them in closets and in spaces where
5:03 am
the gunman couldn't find them. of course the gunman burst in and took her life as well as some of the other children's lives and the mother olivia engel, her mother relessing this photo, heart wrenching. >> kelly: we will never forget what happened at sandy hook school, but a number of schools are trying to do something about the kind of violence they've seen. a suburb in new jersey, the town of marlboro, adopts the schoolhouse, glocks used to station permanent armed cops in each of the nine schools starting january 2nd. >> alisyn: now, the mayor there made the decision not based upon wayne laperriere's suggestion that he of course was the main spokesperson for the n.r.a., who came out on friday with that press conference. he said he made the decision after newtown and before what the n.r.a. had to say. here is the mayor's decision we've made a collective
5:04 am
decision as a town that we need armed security in all of our schools. with this you can't hope it isn't going to happen in your town. we made the decision january 2nd. earlier on the show we had a marine father, you're never really a former marine. >> alisyn: no longer active. >> clayton: who felt he was compelled to stand guard outside of his child's elementary school because he said, what else are you going to do? he's not armed as you can see in the photos. he showed up in uniform and just standing there eight hours a day. listen to this father. >> they are my kids, what choice do i have? either i sit back and i wait on something else to happen or someone else to protect them or i get up and i do something and i protect my kids. they drew cards for me and said they felt safe. i don't know if people see them or not, but their stocking here says mom, dad and sergeant prichert from a little girl who wrote she felt
5:05 am
extremely safe with me standing out there. i can't describe the feeling, honestly. >> clayton: one answer. i mean, people on social media, there are tempers out there all over the place. there's no one correct answer. as michelle malkin said yesterday, maybe take a national pause and reflect. and another individual shall the problem would have been solved already if one person had the answer for it. >> alisyn: and anyone who thinks that there's one solution is being too simplistic and hopefully, god willing, what the president and others are calling for, having an armed guard at a school does not always work as we know from the tragic example of columbine. there was a uniformed, armed deputy there assigned to columbine, but sadly he also had other duties and that day was not inside the school when the gunfire broke out from those two teenage gunman. he was able to shoot at the gunman, he was able to fire at
5:06 am
them, but they still managed to kill 15 people and wound 23 that day. >> clayton: other duties you mentioned and kelly, we were talking about this earlier, the other duties and budget cuts. right? this is part of the issue h here. you talk about the the cost 6 billion dollars to put armed guards across the schools and other duties, because schools are forced to cut the budget. >> kelly: and what the mayor of marlboro said, this is not a luxury, we spare no expense. but practicality as you're alluding to, clayton, a lot of school budgets are meager because they just can't afford to run things, operations as they should. so now you're talking about adding the component of armed security there and we talked about this retired marine soldier-- actually standing in front of his children's school. what they're talking about actually employing retired police officers and retired members of military. that costs money. >> clayton: it costs money and you talk about the the other costs and things they cut back
5:07 am
on. there's been a discussion about mental illness and schools are coming out and saying, wait a second, the national association of educators say wait a second we've been force today cut back on guidance counselors and we're going to cut back on guidance counselors and put armed individuals in our schools. >> alisyn: and i've heard that, if they had trained guidance counselors in schools might prove to be as good protection as an armed guard who could spot these kids who were clearly sending off warning signs before they did anything. but you know, again, these are the answers. these are the conversations we need to be having and hopefully we will come up with answers how to tackle this in short order. let's get to your headlines, tell what you else is happening at this hour, because the fiscal cliff may be coming sooner than you you thought. >> we do not need to have a serious matter involving more than a trillion dollars of united states taxpayers' money
5:08 am
dropped on the senate next thursd thursday. >> alisyn: he wants to -- jeff sessions is saying the real fiscal cliff deadline should be when the lawmakers return from break, thursday. if the deal is not proposed by then, there won't be enough time to review and ratify it. we can't afford to vote on a deal without thoroughly reading it first. well, is a serial killer on the loose this morning in michigan? there are new concerns being raised because police just made another gruesome discovery in a drain pipe. this is the second time in four months that they've found human remains there. police have now sent the remains to a lab in texas. and the investigators want today determine if the retains matched body parts which belonged to an unidentified female. one of the president's biggest backers on capitol hill, the progress of election day on immigration reform, in a new interview, democratic illinois congressman gutierrez says, quote, it's great that eva
5:09 am
longoria is it out there meeting with the president, but maybe meeting some of the immigrant community to polish up that immigration policy so we can really start. and president obama with 71% of the population. and twinkie should be coming to the stores under new ownership. in the process of narrowing down the bids and it's received. said it expects to sell off its snack cakes and bread to separate buyers. hostess closed up shop and laid off 18,000 workers last month after failing to reach a deal with the striking baker's union. those are your headlines. >> kelly: clayton will be first in line for the twinkie. >> clayton: absolutely, my experiments. >> rick: when that thing started when was the last time you had a twinkie on twitter. and a lot said 1980's. >> clayton: and good, i'm saving it i was losing so much
5:10 am
weight in the absence of the twinkie that i need to pack that on. >> better not do that. (laughter) >> all right, guys, are you planning your christmas eve? this is your forecast for tomorrow. a little bit of storms down across parts of the south. in fact, could be severe weather on christmas day, and you have to watch that, could be a tornado threat across parts of louisiana and mississippi, we'll see scattered showers across the eastern seaboard flirting with snow and flurries across parts of significant, areas around chicago, across the west, we'll be dealing with snow across the rockies and let me break it down for you and show you how it's going to look, this is the future radar and this is the model depiction of what we think the radar will look like at the time. and this is where we are now. rain and snow across the central and northern california and that by monday evening or monday morning, excuse he me, in towards southern california with rain showers and some snow across parts of the rockies, however, going toward monday night and tuesday, we start to see the snow develop around denver and parts of kansas and the
5:11 am
panhandle of texas and eventually towards oklahoma, that's your tuesday storm there. in the meantime, we have a storm that we're going to be dealing with later today. across parts of the south, not a big storm, not a big problem, troublemaker at all, but go into tomorrow afternoon and evening and we start to see the snow across parts of pennsylvania and upstate new york, chicago, and then when we see that across parts of new england. so we do have snow for a few people, christmas eve and christmas day. >> alisyn: fantastic. coming up, chained to a bed in a mexican prison, this marine veteran is finally free and his mom is speaking out for the very first time since his release. >> it was like my first night that i slept all night long without getting up and it was just the thought of not wondering what's going on with him, is anyone-- can anyone hurt her, those kind of thoughts. >> alisyn: we'll hear more from john hammar's mom straight ahead. >> clayton: chris wallace weighs in on the fiscal cliff
5:12 am
deadlock. does he think the senator has a point? the real deadline only four days away? could that be true? that's next. ♪ ♪
5:13 am
♪ [ male announcer ] campbell's green bean casserole. it's amazing what soup can do with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported.
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5:15 am
gridlock. >> i offered to compromise with republicans in congress. i met them halfway on taxes and i met them more than halfway on spending. >> the president and senate democrats have vowed to reject and veto all of our proposals, while failing to offer responsible solutions of their own. >> kelly: now the wall street journal is reporting that the president reportedly threatened boehner saying he'll blame republicans in a state of the union speech if no deal is reached. here to weigh in on this matter, the host of fox news sunday, chris wallace. >> hi, guys. >> alisyn: chris, first the timeline because senator jeff sessions has come out and said the real deadline is not december 31st, it's actually this coming thursday because the house still needs to read it and ratify it so they must have a decision by thursday. are they just going to kick the can down the road here? >> well, it looks like at the very least, that would be the best outcome at this point. i wouldn't get hung up on thursday, as opposed to next
5:16 am
monday or tuesday, turns out there's some, you know, it's like animal house with a double secret probation, turns out that there's something going on there that none of us knew about and some way of getting around it. but the president, as he left for his vacation in hawaii on friday evening, talked about a very pared down, stripped down plan. simply extend the bush tax cuts for people making $250,000 or less, extend unemployment benefits for 2 million people that they're going to run out for, and basically postpone all of the sequester, which would be 110 billion dollars in spending cuts in 2013. now, i'm just not sure i see how republicans are going to go along with that given the fact that you just had the plan b rejected which was going to set the marker not at 250,000, but a million and the speaker couldn't get the votes for that, so, why would republicans now go for the
5:17 am
$250,000 that we've been rejecting all along. >> clayton: another animal house reference, it's like the young members of congress trying to get their pledge pin, you know, who are going along trying to vote for this. and they're not-- i mean, let's be honest, this is the reason they didn't get the votes, the 40 or 50 members who didn't want to go along with the speaker on this. you're right, chris. i mean, let's dive into that. how are they going to pass anything? it seemed like plan b was the best option? >> well, here is the deal. is that there are two aspects to this. the republicans, first of all, they could block it in the senate because this is going to start now and the senate says the house is such a mess. and we're going to have one of the top republicans, john barrasso, the number three republican in the senate. are they going to filibuster it? if they filibuster it it won't get through the senate. if it gets through the house, boehner couldn't get enough votes for a million dollars, he's going to have even more trouble getting it it for $250,000, tax increases above
5:18 am
250 and the only way he could do that, and this is where it really gets interesting politically, is with democratic votes. now, boehner faces reelection as speaker, the first week of january. is he going to risk really ticking off the republican caucus bypassing something over the objection, as you say, of a sizable number of republicans with democratic votes? that's a very risky move for him politically gentleman chris, it's like you said, a mess going on in the house, possibly a mess in the senate and nobody really seeming to step up to clean it up. you have another guest coming up who might be able to add some ways of getting a higher call to deal with it and that's rick warren. tell us about him. >> that's right, it may take prayer and we're going to be talking with pastor rick warren and we're really going to focus with him on the terrible events in newtown, sandy hook elementary school massacre and get a sense, some people say--
5:19 am
a lot of people say you can talk about gun control, you can take about mental health care, but a lot of it it is the morality of our country and is going missing in the morality in our country and so we'll talk to pastor warren about that. and in a bleak season it doesn't seem a lot to celebrate between the school shooting and fiscal cliff and a lot of bad news, what about, what is the meaning of christmas even in this tough season, and i'm really looking forward to that. >> alisyn: that sounds great, we'll be watching fox news sunday. check your local listings, merry christmas, chris. >> look, we had two references to the animal house, how bad would the segment. >> alisyn: i was going to bring up a food fight to bring it full circle, thanks, chris. >> clayton: coming up on the show, we've been told never try to sell your home during the holidays, but real estate expert say that's a myth and in fact, one house sold on our block. and there are very good reasons to keep your house on
5:20 am
the market next. >> kelly: and a war dog returns the favor by saving his owner's life. that's coming up. ♪ someone saved, someone saved my life tonight ♪ ♪ someone saved, someone saved, someone saved ♪ ♪ someone saved my life tonight ♪ try running four. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase.
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5:23 am
>> and here are quick headlines. ted kennedy, jr. could be joining the family business. he's reportedly considering a run for john kerry's senate seat in massachusetts. should kerry be confirmed as the new secretary of state. senior democrats feel he is their best chance to hold on to that seat. you've heard it before, eat chicken soup to some day
5:24 am
remedy a cold and now scientists have proof it actually works. researchers found a compound in chicken soup help the immune system, the down side you need to eat it it continuously for it to work. clayton. thanks, kelly. with christmas two days away, home sellers are considering taking off their homes until january. but a real estate expert, tanya, nice to see you this morning, welcome to the show. >> good morning, clayton, how are you. >> clayton: i'm doing well and a lot of people out there, this is a serious thing and you drive around and see the for sale signs and sitting around and saying i need to take my home off the market. you've got specific examples in a second. but why? >> you're going to have serious buyers during the holiday season. nobody wants to be traipsing through houses and finding their perfect home when they could be out christmas shopping or spending time with
5:25 am
families so you're looking at buyers that need something either because they're moving jobs or need to get the kids into a certain school. who knows the reasoning, but they're real buyers and more emotional buyers so you're more likely to get the price that you really want. >> clayton: that makes sense. you don't get what in the business they call tire kickers, people out on a spring afternoon and want to explore the neighborhood. they're out there because they're serious, putting on the winter coats and going. >> that's right, they've got to do it for a reason and got to do it fast, and probably a quick close. >> clayton: and less inventory on the market. it's a bit after catch 22, maybe the wrong way to look at it, if all the people think the myth is true and take the houses off the market and yours is on the market, there's less inventory to compete with? >> sure, your home is more. >> and sellers don't want people walking through their homes during the holiday
5:26 am
season. so if you keep your home on the market, it's going to get shown more because there are less homes on the market. >> clayton: and you also talk about the houses being decorated. why is this important as your third tip here? >> well, it really shows good use of space and again, going back to the emotional ploy, you know, people like to walk into a house that smells good, it smells like christmas cookies, it looks good. and they really can see use of space, where the christmas tree may go, they can put a baby grand piano or whatever they want. but it shows great use of space. >> clayton: and let's talk about pricing because a lot of people have, maybe they've had their home on the market since october and now, they head into the the holidays and think, you know what? everyone is not looking, i'm going to pull my house off the market. what should they do about pricing if it hasn't sold for a few months. >> or let's drop the price and see what happens. what you have to really look at is your particular market. we talk all the time about there being no national market. so if you price your home right with all the buyers in the market right now, it will
5:27 am
sell quickly no matter what season it is. so, pricing is the most important thing to selling your home. >> clayton: sometimes they don't want to listen to the real estate experts and realtors who tell them look, we run all the comps in the neighborhood and you need to price it this way and say no, i want to price it higher and wonder why their homes don't sell. >> that's right, and the problem is we as real estate experts or you as the home owners don't set the market. the market tells us what your home is worth and thank goodness that market is creeping up a little bit. >> clayton: especially in the area you're living in right now. phoenix, good news there. and tanya, she's a real he estate expert mrif from phoenix, thanks, merry christmas. >> thanks, merry christmas. >> clayton: coming up on the show, marine veteran chained to a bed in a mexican prison for four months and finally freed. and his mother is speaking out for the first time since her son's release. we'll hear from her. and caught on camera, a cop
5:28 am
leaping off a pier into freezing water to save a woman's life. we'll tell you the outcome next. ♪ it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious.
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5:31 am
♪ >> welcome back to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning. you're looking at some pictures of john hammar, he's a marine, a retired marine just released from a mexican prison after being chained to a bed for four months, for carrying an antique firearm across the border, which he had by the way documentation for. finally, he's coming home and hey, he's on his way home right now. >> alisyn: he's on his road
5:32 am
trip home. >> alisyn: he and his family decided to drive to florida instead of fly, thinking he could decompress and sort of enter his regular life after this surreal nightmare, but it's a long trip and we understand that he actually has been sick. he has a stomach bug as well as a terrible chest cold that might have turned into pneumonia and they may have to stop actually to get some medical help along the way, but despite that, his mom is just incredibly relieved that he's back on u.s. soil and out of that nightmare. here she is speaking out for the first time. >> and it was like my first night that i slept all night long without getting up and it was just the thought of not wondering what's going on with him. is anyone -- can anyone hurt her tonight, those kind of thoughts. he's eating and he's actually able to have a meal and it's just -- i honestly can't totally process is i think until he's here, but we're
5:33 am
days away so i'll take it. >> what's the first thing that, when you talk to him on the phone, what did you say to him? >> are you okay? you know? and he was like, yeah, i'm sick, but i'm okay, so i'm okay, i'm tired. and you know, the first thing he said to me actually is, i need a shower, that was his first comment, but my husband said he took like a four hour shower the first time, so, i think he's doing okay. >> kelly: can you imagine what he went through for four months being chained to a bed in a cell, not really much of a bed, a cot if you will, in a mexican jail, not comfortable at all. all the comforts of home he'll soon have once he returns to the moving arms of his mother, welcome back. >> clayton: he was going to mexico, he was suffering from ptsd, obviously, stuff he had suffered in the the war zone had not been an easy transition for this young man. so, coming back and then going on this surfing trip to try to
5:34 am
decompress further as part of his therapy and being met with this as an answer to going to mexico with your therapy. >> alisyn: he's going to need help. going to need his family's support, but looks like he has it. we understand the therapeutic benefit of a good shower, certainly, after many days and weeks and months. >> kelly: and a good hug from mom. >> alisyn: so he's on his way. meanwhile, let's get to your headlines. after a second round of voting it looks like egypt now has a new constitution, the supporters of mohammed morsi casting their ballots to approve the islamist drafted constitution. officials on both sides report that the constitution passed and morsi's says it's a big step in establishing democracy. critics say it's one-sided and nothing more than a power grab. well-being tamiflu is now okay to treat babies as young as two weeks old. the f.d.a. approved the flu medication for infants that young as long as the child has not exhibited symptoms more than two days, and based on
5:35 am
the child's exact weight and to be clear, it not safe for babies younger than two weeks. dramatic video of a police officer in boston jumping into freezing water to save a woman from drowning. the woman was clinging to a raft and struggling to keep her head above water there when the officer saw her and swam out and use add life preserver to keep her afloat. >> you didn't think twice? and took your jacket off, ran down there like a modern day hero. >> my goodness. the woman said see fell in accidentally and she had hypothermia, but otherwise is doing okay. wow. and can you do the honors for sports. >> clayton: sure, looks like tim tebow will be parting ways, you can filed this under the not shocking news, the jets say for certainty that tebow will leave that team after this season and wind up with the jacksonville jaguars and the quarterback has barely played during his stint with new york.
5:36 am
jacksonville tried to get tebow last year and reportedly still want him on their team. it seems to be acrimonious nature between rex ryan and him not getting playing time, but he had cracked ribs, you can't play with cracked ribs. >> kelly: a tough year. >> clayton: working with the offense. >> kelly: but rick reichmuth knows how to do the tebow, going to tebow the weather. >> rick: i miss dave. (laughter) >> already? >> bite your tongue. >> rick: nicely done. take a look at the weather outside we're looking for a white christmas, see if there's snow on the ground now? a little more snow, look at oklahoma and parts of kansas, boom, there you go. tuesday, a snowstorm across parts of the southern plains and panhandle of oklahoma. amarillo every to guideman, oklahoma, maybe tulsa, maybe towards little rock and ozarks, a little more snow. there you go. today's forecast, not a bad travel day today.
5:37 am
today is when you planned your flight you got pretty lucky. a nice day across the northeast, i don't think we'll see any big delays, the wind much lighter than it was yesterday. town toward the southeast, a cool start to the morning and everything is looking fine and there are showers, in southern mississippi valley and that's not going to cause any delays in any of the airports today. the showers on the increase and moving to the northeast tomorrow. north that have though, it's just cold. temperatures bitterly cold, only a high today of bismark, north dakota 8 degrees and omaha below zero, so the snow you got is going to be there for a while. across the southwest, a little more sunny, but we'll see the rain by tonight, moving into toward southern california, but for. day, rainy towards central california and a lot more snow in towards the sierra nevadas and a thunderstorm or two moving in with this.
5:38 am
a potent storm, a weather maker for us, tuesday, wednesday and thursday across the central part of the country and eventually into the northeast. all right, ali, what's going on? >> thanks so much, rick, i know you'll love this segment, save the best for last this holiday season with tempting desserts and the recipes we're about to show you are apparently ease toy make. let's bring in chef and author of my beverly hills kitchen, hey, alex. >> hello. >> alisyn: merry christmas. >> nice to see you, thank you so much. >> alisyn: so you claim they're easy. they look extravagant. >> they are, but they're so, so easy. and this, the first thing we're going to do make almond raspberry white chocolate bars, this is an already cooled crust. >> alisyn: and to make it super easy do preps beforehand. >> exactly. that cool trust-- >> when did you make it? >> just this morning, so if you're at home you can make it a day early? >> you can make it a day early, but if you're going to make it a day early might as well make the whole thing and
5:39 am
then put it all in the freezer. we're just going to spread that gorgeous all natural raspberry jam on top. >> alisyn: ooh-la-la. spread that around. >> spread that around and then here we go with the white chocolate chips. can i get you to, like that white chocolate chips. no middle man. >> alisyn: that's beautiful. >> spread those around and then some almonds. >> alisyn: yes. >> salted almonds right there. >> alisyn: beautiful, and then are you baking them? >> we're going to bake it. >> alisyn: okay. >> there we go like that all like that. >> alisyn: and bake at what temperature? >> 375, 350, 375. >> alisyn: how long. >> 15 to 20 minutes. >> alisyn: and-- >> the thing i truly love to do use cookie cutters. they come out gorgeous. >> alisyn: they do and all different shapes. >> all different shapes,
5:40 am
gorgeous, easy, easy, easy, i love to freeze them and then, look at that. >> alisyn: how baufl that is. >> how about that. >> alisyn: that's nice. >> and the delicious almond raspberry white chocolate bar, easy. >> that's a price less pecan b bar. >> alisyn: and with chocolate, you can do the priceless bee can bar. >> while your a doing that i'm going to do the brownie. and it's all in my book. >> alisyn: "my beverly hills kitchen". >> and i'm going to tell you how to do this. >> alisyn: the beautiful thing to wrap it up, literally and figuratively, put the different shaped desserts in there. i'm obviously an obvious intrepid reporter i can't trust you that these are the most delicious. >> sorry. >> alisyn: i knew where you were going with that. >> you read my mind. and it's coffee time so i'm going to have a bite like an
5:41 am
amazing coffee cake on christmas morning. >> alisyn: ooh-la-la, merry christmas we have to go over to the guys with what's coming up. >> clayton: she's an amazing journalist, got to get the story. thanks, ali. coming up on the show, surprise celebrities breaking tradition with the white house when nancy reagan was first lady. a look at white house christmases through the years. >> kelly: plus, we've got a heart warming story for you, a dog rescued from a war zone returns the fauvor by saving his owner's life. you'll meet them here. ♪ ♪ can't you see that i'm lonely, rescue me ♪ ♪ come on in my arms ♪ ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪
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5:44 am
>> here is a story you're going to love. a dog rescued from a war zone is returning the favor.
5:45 am
meatball, a look at meatball shortly. found by a soldier in afghanistan and adopted by the mccarte family and two weeks ago, the dog raised the alert after joe suffered a seizure. joe and his wife and meatball is joining us with their amazing story. joe and kim and bateball, a precious dog. meatball saved you during a grand mal seizure? >> yes. >> kelly: what happened? >> i'd gone up to bed and joe being a firefighter, joe sleeps in the basement and kept funky hours and i get up at six o'clock in the morning for work so i went up to bed and i keep a baby monitor in our bedroom so i can hear what's going on and 25 minutes a half hour, meatball started barking and just like panicked, a panicked bark. >> kelly: enough to wake you up to see what's going on.
5:46 am
>> and i went down to the base, bottom of the steps, joe was in a grand mal seizure and meatball was on top of him. meatball is not affectionate where he licks your face, but he would not leave joe's side until joe stopped shaking and you know, everything was done and then afterwards he curled up next to joe and would not move from his side. >> kelly: he no, joe did you have to go to the hospital after that to get checked and. >> right. >> kelly: what did the doctor say about what happened that particular evening? that episode? >> there are more-- they're more from the headaches that i get. they don't really consider them seizures, they consider the shaking that i get from the pain that i'm going through. >> kelly: yeah, i should point out that joe, kim, has undergone or had six strokes, is that correct and as a result of that is having the
5:47 am
seizures. so, actually, your dog meatball saved him from perhaps harming himself. >> yes, absolutely. and when joe has one of these episodes, these seizures, i need to give him medication immediately and me being asleepy would have never known had meatball not raised the alert and said, mom, you need to come down here quick. >> kelly: this adoption must feel really good to both of you now, because it helped save your husband from further injury. >> absolutely. >> kelly: what people fail to realize, when you go through a grand mal seizure my mother used to, you can fall and hurt yourself, and god forbid if you're behind the wheel of a car and have an accident. for the dog and pet lovers out there, this has to mean so much? >> absolutely, it makes me feel a little more at ease, knowing that meatball is so in
5:48 am
tune with his health that if i'm in any other part of the house he will alert me, mom, you need to come and help dad. >> and meatball was found in afghanistan and a military member. >> there was a litter of six puppies and contacted them to have all six to come to the states and we were lucky to get meatball. >> kelly: what are you feeling this christmas season. >> very blessed and very fortunate. >> kelly: joe? >> very blessed. >> kelly: meatball is nine months old and playful and next time i hope that you don't have to go through this again and that -- if you do meatball is there to help you. >> thank you. >> kelly: all right. joe and kim mccarty and meatball, we thank you so much. meatball is running away. and up next on the rundown, did you know even if a fiscal
5:49 am
cliff deal is reached, your pay check is still going to take a hit anyway, do you believe that, kim? it could happen. why 2% of your money will come out of your paycheck no matter what happens on the hill. plus, we're getting an inside look at what goes into decorating the white house for the holidays. we'll take a look back at christmas past with the first ladies. ♪ [ male announcer ] the more you lose, the more you lose, because for every two pounds you lose through diet and exercise, alli can help you lose one more
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5:53 am
>> dreaming of a white christmas? how about a white house christmas. what really go into decorating 1600 pennsylvania avenue for the holidays. a woman who knows all about this part of the 2008 decorating team for laura bush and author of "christmas with the first ladies" colleen christian burke. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> alisyn: there's really no place more elegant and lavish, i've been inside one time for the christmas party and it was spectacular. let's talk about how the first ladies go about tackling this. what is michelle obama doing this year. >> the theme is year he is joy to all and the first lady is the commander-in-chief of christmas it's fun almost with military precision and enormous task and beautiful when finished. >> alisyn: what will it look like this year. >> 54 trees probably the same amount in your house, right? >> sure. the blue room tree is always
5:54 am
the big official tree and that one was decorated by children of active military personnel. so that's a sweet thing, mrs. obama tries to remember our service people. >> alisyn: that's wonderful. and let's talk about first ladies past and present, jackie kennedy, she was responsible for the first white house christmas theme? >> sure, she started the whole thing and this year at theme 51. she said if we're going to have people over for the holidays, 100,000 of them maybe we should think how it's going to look. every year since jackie a christmas theme. >> alisyn: hers was the nutcracker. >> and repeated by hillary and barbara bush. >> alisyn: nancy reagan was responsible, her tradition was celebrity santas. >> and nancy was about hollywood, bringing a little glitz to the white house and my favorite one was when mr. t came to the white house and pity the fool that year, santa for christmas and just funny photo, a phone moment in time and had larry hagman and one year her own husband, the president surprised her with
5:55 am
santa. >> alisyn: great stuff. so barbara bush, what did she do. >> barbara bush had her cause of literacy, a story book christmas and took actual books on hung them on the tree and nutcracker, and needle point and one year everything was needle pointed. >> alisyn: and laura bush. >> one of my favorites, so elegant and timeless, she did a red white and blue christmas for their last christmas in office and borrowed her mother-in-law's theme and a story book christmas, she was a librarian. >> alisyn: and the theme was home for the holidays. >> that applies to everyone. >> alisyn: in 2001, home for the holidays right after 9/11, the theme. the theme was picked prior to 9/11, but that year made it even more special and we were thinking about what is important to us. >> alisyn: what an undertaking. it's hard to get ready for christmas just as a normal person, but the first lady has a lot of responsibility, knowing it's a show piece. >> a lot of trees, a ton of
5:56 am
parties. sometimes a party or two every single day, the pastry kitchen starts getting ready in august. and unbelievable what goes into the effort. >> alisyn: that's terrific. again, you're the author of "christmas with the first ladies" colleen burke, thank you for the pictures and great to see you. >> thank you. >> alisyn: meanwhile, the clock is ticking, as you know, to finalize the fiscal cliff deal. is there any chance for compromise? one senator says congress better hurry up, it's here sooner than you think. mo and a burglar, wait until you hear how he makes himself at home. ♪ oh, oh, living on a prayer ♪ ♪ start me up ♪ ♪
5:57 am
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6:00 am
>> good morning, again. it's sunday, december 23rd. i'm alisyn camerota. fiscal cliff talk coming to a standstill but one senator says congress better get serious. the real deadline is four days away. >> even if a deal is reached your paycheck will take a hit anyway. details ahead. >> that guy, he needs a paycheck. he's an american and a christian, so why is he sitting behind bars in iran? why he hasn't been charged with anything. his wife is going to speak to us about the fight to set him free. >> alisyn: back to me, please. i love this story. fired for being too hot. it could happen. it happened to this woman. not this one but one we're going to show you. that woman. the courts ruled it is legal. how can that be? should being really attractive be grounds for termination? if so, kelly wright is in
6:01 am
trouble. "fox & friends" hour four starts right now. i don't know what you have. >> welcome, it was strange, wasn't it? i have not been fired. >> that's the beauty of morning television. you never know what you're going to get. welcome to "fox & friends" this sunday morning. kelly wright is sitting in for dave briggs this morning. >> thank you. >> you're here on an interesting day. we thought we had a few more days until the end of the year, the fiscal cliff. new year's, my birthday, which would be the fiscal cliff. not going to happen, if you listen to senator jeff sessions, who said we have to do home homework. he's putting it four days away is the fiscal cliff. >> alisyn: crazy talk that they want to read it before ratifying it. he says it has to happen by
6:02 am
thursday, obviously sooner than we thought. let's listen. >> we're about to come back in next week, thursday, maybe they'll try to finish thursday, maybe go into friday. but we do not need to have a serious matter involving more than a trillion dollars of united states taxpayers' money dropped on the senate next thursday without us having been able to read it and analyze it and having it scored and be expected to rubber stamp it like the old communist parliament in russia. >> this was news to me that congress reads these bills. i was surprised that that's something that occurs. it's a novel idea. >> in a case like this, not only do they read it, they have to get a cbo score to make sure it's going to reach the debt limit or the price they're talking about, being $4 trillion over ten years.
6:03 am
the deal that's being presented by the president as well as the deal scuttled by house speaker john boehner hasn't gone anywhere. >> alisyn: the "wall street journal" as an interesting report today. somehow somebody in the room is talking. the "wall street journal" doesn't name names but somebody was taking notes, maybe even john boehner or president obama giving them the information but the exchanges are testy, icy and they're losing -- both sides of losing patience. the quote is at one point, according to notes by the participant, mr. boehner told the president i put $800 billion on tex revenue on the table. what do i get for that? youyou get nothing, the presidet says. >> the president feels after the election, and you have the majority of americans who believe in i guess his position
6:04 am
on this particular issue, right? the polls are 60% of americans agree with part of his negotiations in all of this. he feels emboldened by this so he basically said look, you're going to either give this some serious consideration, some of these tax increases that i want, or you know what i'm going to do? during the inaugural address and during the state of the union address at the end of january, i'm going to blame republicans if we go off the fiscal cliff and point the finger at them. that's what's come out in the article. >> as i said earlier, we're at this point now where there's a lot of finger pointing going on and everyone is to blame in terms of being a lawmaker on capitol hill, including the president and speaker of the house. they've got to get to a deal. as i asked the question earlier, is there an adult in the room or a child with enough faith to say we can do this, we're america. we can get this done. if it doesn't get done, our
6:05 am
paychecks underny circumstances will plunge. >> alisyn: our paychecks are taking a hit even if it does get done because the payroll tax holiday, which has been in effect, president obama says i've reduced everybody's taxes because they've gone to 4.2%, that they were always set to sunset on new year's eve. so regardless of -- the best case scenario is seen, your social security taxes in your paycheck will go back to 6.2%. >> which is ridiculous because the bush tax cuts are set to expire. sequestration, defense cuts. if we do nothing these things take place. democrats have the upper hand in this argument. why can't this be part of the negotiations? up 'til now it hasn't been, this particular payroll tax holiday has been off the table in
6:06 am
discussions. >> with all of that, let he us w how you feel about what the plan might be by the end of the year. president obama and the first lady will attend a memorial service for the late senator of hawaii. hundreds of people gathered as the senator's body was returned to his native state. the memorial will be national memorial cemetery. the president is not expected to speak. he eulogized him friday calling his integrity and moral character inspiring. she's one of the only survivors from the mall shooting and christina is speaking about the moment she came face-to-face with the gunman. >> i only saw him enough to see he was wearing black a mask and carrying a gun. i didn't realize it was a real gun. we have to cherish every moment
6:07 am
because you never know when it can be the last. >> doctors removed bullets from kristina's collapsed lung and bruised liver. doctors say it's nothing short of a miracle she's alive. >> illegal immigrants will not be charged for deportation. i.c.e. will only order those who committed for serious crimes. changes comes after sheriff's and police deputies said they would not cooperate with i.c.e. and hold low-level offenders. the policy change will let them focus on felons and repeat offenders. >> the radio dj's behind the prank call could face charges. british police are investigating whether any laws were broken. a nurse killed herself after the deejays duped her. the radio show has been cancelled and the station pledged more than $5,000 to
6:08 am
support her family. >> i'm here during christmas through the entire holiday and dreaming of a white christmas in new york city. >> rick is a magic elf. >> yeah. on your shelf. maybe. there will be a few snow flurries i think tomorrow evening in new york city. but it will probably quickly turn to rain but there's storm in the interior sections of the northeast. a white christmas christmas eve and christmas day. these are your temps, a lot of cold air in place. that's the first ingredient you need to get snow and that's what is lot of us will see. things are better in the northeast. just a little bit of lake-effect snow on parts of the plateau but the action is across the west, more rain and snow. good news, this this is the lasf these storms. you'll get a break for a couple
6:09 am
days across northern california so that will be good news. a look at the future radar, what the storm will do the next couple days. it pulls in across california, moves to southern california, getting rain in towards the l.a. basin and snow tomorrow across the four corners in the rockies. then the storm pulls in towards the high plains. 9:00 a.m. tuesday morning, snow in the panhandle of texas and oklahoma and kansas. those areas seeing a snowy tuesday that. storm becomes bigger wednesday for the ohio valley and the northeast. today, cool across the north. not that bad in across areas of the south. that will change by the time we get to tuesday. tomorrow, though, your christmas eve, the last day to shop forecast, looking like that. >> see, you can drive to the different spots and get snow. >> all right. coming up, this american pastor is jailed in iran but hasn't been charged with anything.
6:10 am
up next, we'll talk to his wife who is desperately fighting for his freedom. >> you've seen flash mobs but none like this one. a dancer stops mid performance to pop the question. did she say yes? >> alisyn: i sure hope so. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2!
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6:13 am
>> for christmas this should be the most joyous time of the year but one americankfamily is fighting to get a pastor freed from prison. 32-year-old reverend abadini has been jailed in iran since september. he was taken into custody while visiting family in iran. the american center for law and justice teamed up with the family in hopes of getting him released. joining me is his wife and executive director of the american center of law and justice, jordan secelo. this is a tough time because you would like to see your husband here with you during the christmas season. tell me what efforts are under way now to get him returned home
6:14 am
safely. >> we were -- we tried different -- i mean he can address this more. >> tell me, if you can, the emotional toll this is having on you and your family members here in the united states. >> it's been very difficult. the hardest time was the first week when they took him from the house he was staying at and we didn't know where he was. just things that you never think about. i couldn't pick up the phone and tell him how -- what the kids were doing, that our daughter had lost all her teeth. he -- she lost all four teeth while he was in prison. and just little things you realize as a wife you want to share with your husband that you can't pick up the phone and call. the first week was very difficult. we didn't know where they had taken him. around that time, there was a blogger that was also arrested.
6:15 am
unfortunately tortured to death in iran, so we didn't know if he was even alive. it's been very difficult, especially during christmastime, there's a a big hole in our family. >> i understand. i know it's very difficult to you. jordan, let me go to you quickly. this is something that you have dealt with before when other americans have been taken into captivity or custody because of their christian faith. what is at issue? >> this is a situation where you have a 32-year-old. this is not a iranian christian pastor we're assisting, then an american christian pastor with his american family here at home. the family has been tough. his wife and children there have been dealing with this since july.
6:16 am
and we have been working with them figuring out, kelly, when is the right time, if any time torques take this public to try and help. you have to weigh a lot of different factors. we did that because of the conditions. at she referred to, in these prison. this is a prison where the sentence is only part of your punishment. just being there is a punishment. and he's been vaguely charged with these national security offenses, which are the worst offenses to be charged with in iran. >> jordan, those national security offenses was for being the pastor of a home church network and he said he would no longer be the leader of that but continue to try to help people in need? >> for being a muslim to became a christian when he was 20 years old. he made an agreement but the iranian revolutionary guard got involved. for the first time since he's
6:17 am
been going back and forth but it's because he's a muslim that became a christian. >> what can you do to get him home? >> we have to speak with his wife able to do the interviews and connect the family to the viewers, fox news was the first news network in the country to put this story out there for us and for the family. you raise your voices. now our state department, in a good move, acknowledged this to the news networks that they know about this. it's a tough situation. we had to make the call. now we have to hear from people calling congress and calling our government and springed -- spreading the story. that's how others are released. people shared the interview on facebook. that's how you succeed. >> very good advice. before we go, i want to hear, if you could talk to your husband or the american people. what do the american people need
6:18 am
to know about your husband? >> he loved more than anything, he loved jesus. and he loved america. but he loved the muslims. that's why he wanted to continually go back and share the gospel with them because that's what saved him and changed his life, gave him hope. this is what this christmas season is about. he said i might die sharing jesus but it is a difficult place, middle east, sharing about christ unfortunately. >> because of that, what are you worried about? >> i am worried about his health. he's not -- he's been sharing in prison that he's been beaten, he's been abused because of his faith. and because he loves even those that are beating him so much, he wants to get -- share with them about what he found that changed his life and my life as well. so we're very worried about his
6:19 am
health and we're praying we can get him home quick. our prayers are with you. we hope that your husband returns home safely. we were looking at the pictures of your wonderful, precious family, and they would love to have their father here home soon. jordan, continue the work you're doing. >> thanks. >> i want to thank fox news and aclj for being an amazing support. >> we're honored to have you with us. thank you. god bless you and merry christmas. >> god bless you. >> a dream cruise vacation to italy turns into a nightmare when dozens of passengers get sick. those passengers are fired up and speaking out. hear from them just ahead. and it's official, your good looks can now cost you your job. it happened to this woman that you're looking at. should being attractive be
6:20 am
grounds for termination? we'll debate it all next. we are the house when it comes to the big game. yeah. it's his thing. i don't even participate. boom! here it comes! bring it back! bring it home! [ male announcer ] when you combine creamy velveeta with zesty rotel tomatoes and green chilies, you get a bowl of queso that makes even this get-together better.
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22 minutes payroll tax holiday the past the hour. 22,000 is how many job applications delta received for flight attendant jobs. 48 years is how long this couple thought they were married before finding out it was never legal. the pastor never turned in the marriage license but they made it official. 1848 is how many yards calvin
6:24 am
johnson surpassed breaking jerry rice's single season receiving record. i could have told you that. >> a glimmer of hope for the lions. check out this woman on your screen. fired for being too attractive. iowa state supreme court ruled it was okay for a boss to fire a female worker found to be an irresistible threat to his marriage. should been too attractive be grounds for termination. with us, two very attractive attorneys, tamara holder and rebecca rosewoodland, who is a litigator. have you ever been fired for being too attractive? >> i don't believe so. >> is this grounds? the dentist says me and my wife found her to be too irresistible and a threat to our marriage and decided to fire her. >> i think it's ridiculous and i'm so upset at the iowa supreme
6:25 am
court for making this ruling. it's just a cover for what he really did, fire her because she was a woman. issues he may have had with his marriage, he should have dealt with in his marriage. >> do you buy that, sexual discrimination? >> she was clearly a threat to the marriage but what the court said was because she didn't make allegations of sexual harassment or misconduct, it was straight discrimination by gender case. let me just, before you freak out, let me finish the position. the court said basically say he liked another man. he would have fired the other man for the same reason. it was essentially the way the relationship had changed over the course of ten years. and he had ten other women in his office who worked for him and there were no problems. >> cher her -- her attorney's stance is these judges sent a message that they don't think
6:26 am
men are responsible for their sexual desires and women have to control their boss's sexual desires. a woman works her way up and gets fired because of how good she looks? >> that's what i'm saying. the issue is although the iowa supreme court said -- the case wasn't structured in sexual discrimination, the reality was the things he was saying were inappropriate. >> then she should have filed a sexual discrimination suit. >> i let you speak. what i was saying is what happened it they couched it and made it easy for a slippery slope argument with others. maybe her attorney didn't properly file or structure but the supreme court -- >> of course it matters. >> no, it's still discrimination. >> it's harassment. no, he was a creep. the things he said to her -- >> he said disgusting things. >> he had an erection and they
6:27 am
were text messaging. >> she said back off, buddy. >> she didn't do anything inappropriate but the point is she should have made a sexual harassment claim and she said because i'm a female, you fired me. >> is it too late to make a sexual discrimination claim? >> at this point maybe she could revisit the issue on a federal level because she has standing in the federal court. this was a state court action. but i don't see how the supreme court can't say there's a slippery slope. if any man has an excuse to fire a woman he could say it's an emotional issue between my wife and i. it makes no sense. >> does it set a precedence? >> it's possible. this guy couldn't control his sexual desires and said my wife doesn't necessarily like you so
6:28 am
i'll let you go. >> my wife doesn't like the fact i've been texting you sexually erotic text messages, shocking. >> shocking but she should have filed a sexual harassment claim. >> i agree. but i think they should have dealt with this within their marriage, not by firing an employee. >> i don't want to get in between their marriage. we want our viewers to weigh in on this and let us know. you can find me on twitter at clayton morris. what you feel on this. have a great holiday. you can email us at "fox & >> he was changed to a bed in prison for four months. now this marine veteran is free and speaking out. >> it was the first night i slept all night without getting up. just the thought of not wondering what's going on with him. can anyone hurt him tonight.
6:29 am
>> more from jon hammar's mother next. we're putting twists on traditional eggnog. i had eggnog for the first time last week. it was delicious. i don't know. i've been living under a rock. we're going to make delicious eggnog with cocktails coming up.
6:30 am
6:31 am
6:32 am
>> those two guys -- >> the guys behind them. >> what were they doing? >> keep an eye on your screens, folks. a salt lake city flash mob dancer popped the question in the middle of a flash mob to his
6:33 am
fee fiance. >> this is the best flash mob ever. >> he pops the question to his girlfriend in the middle. she said yes and the two rejoined the flash mob and finished the dance to aly's favorite christmas song. >> this song makes me want to say yes. >> can we rerack from the start? if you watch it -- >> popping the question, two dudes jump at each other in midair. watch. just watch right behind them. two dudes -- there it is. here -- watch. >> will you marry me? >> no, no, look at the foreground, not the background. >> what is going on in this flash mob. >> she said yes, right? >> she said yes. >> they finished the song.
6:34 am
>> all i want for christmas is you. >> they put the flash in mob. >> those two guys will forever be in that video. >> also there, also now. let's get to your headlines and tell you what else is happening. for the first time we're hearing from jon hammar's mother. he was held four months in a mexican jail on charges he possessed an illegal antique gun. customs told him he could bring it as long as he registered it with the mexican government. >> it was my first night i slept all night without getting up. it was the thought of not wondering what's going on with him, is -- can anyone hurt him tonight. i honestly can't totally process it until he's here. >> hammer and his father are set to arrive home in florida today. more that a dozen people
6:35 am
catch a stomach virus on a cruise ship. six passengers were quarantined and crew members sanitized the ship in an effort to contain the outbreak. >> it was terrible. i thought i was dying. >> they were very good at taking care of us and took care of all our needs. they came in and sanitized the room three timday while we were ill. >> that sounds romantic. >> all the six passengers have recovered. we've heard about strange criminals before but this guy might take the cake. dan bailey ran out of case and ran on a chicago door for help. when no one answered he broke in. he ate coffee cake, he even plugged in the christmas tree. it turns out the family was asleep the whole time this was going on. they woke up to find him petting their cat. police showed up and busted him. he was just feeling very festive. a little boy in new york got
6:36 am
a surprise at the kindergarten christmas concert. >> guess what. >> what. >> there's dad. [ applause ] >> that's corporal haven armstrong to returned them surprise his 5-year-old son for christmas. he spent a year in kuwait. >> war shall you don't see the type of love until you come back home. it's overwhelming. >> the family's big plans for christmas, they say, just a lot of play time with dad. >> that's great. >> those are your headlines. over to clayton, where i believe is drinking some eggnog. >> sorry. yes, i am. it's the holidays. even clark griswold knows eggnog makes everything better.
6:37 am
>> son, ahhh. >> and here now is master mixologist kyle ford with unique types of eggnog. >> great to be here. >> what a great job title, master mixologist. >> i know, best job if the world. >> maybe after today's segment i can be an apprentice. you think of eggnog at fattening, egg, sugar, milk. >> usually upwards of 400 plus calories. at holiday time i would rather eat my calories than drink all of them.
6:38 am
>> so the skinny eggnog, what is in this? >> we start with egg whites instead of an entire egg. the average egg is about an ounce of white. we put that into a glass. instead of sugar i use a french orange liqueur. it wouldn't be eggnog without rum or other fortifying spirit. >> you need fortification. >> a good rum. my favorite is mount gay. this is actually a rum that dates back to 1703. >> that's probably expensive. >> eggnog dates back to the 18th century as well. i don't know what you know about the name but it's believed it came from egg and grog, a rum spice drink they mixed with eggs and it got shottenned to eggnog. >> those colonialists. >> i know. >> sorry. >> you got the skim milk.
6:39 am
>> yeah. instead of whole milk, you don't need it. we add a dash of vanilla extract to give it flavor and body. >> all right. and then do we add any ice? >> you're going to shake this. get it nice and frothy. that's one of the secrets. usually you batch up eggnog in a punch bowl you just saw grid world drinking out of. but this is an easy way to make something that's nice and small. and personal. >> you hear the footsteps of heels behind -- >> i'm getting a closer look. >> alisyn smelled the eggnog. >> nutmeg as well, you can do cinnamon. >> we have two more drinks. the candy eggnog seems to be more fattening perhaps but delicious. >> the next two both are. whole eggs, whole milk.
6:40 am
peppermint extract and rum and mint. >> i love the idea of the mint. that's a candy cane surprise. >> you can add a candy cane if you got it. >> a little spearmint. you never know. that's how you become a master mixologist. the over the shoulder shake. >> the key is a fresh piece of mint. >> beautiful. >> i like to garnish with fresh powdered sugar to simulate snow. >> that makes everything better. >> i'm coming in for the last one. it's festive because it has coffee in it, which is a great breakfast drink. >> i was watching zoolander and they talked about orange frab chino. >> you have whole milk and
6:41 am
strong coffee. >> you want the flavor to come through and not get lost in there. >> watch out, aly. >> i am. >> do you have to do it this violently? >> of course. you have to wake it up. >> wake up in there. [ laughter ] this is going to go down alisyn's gullet. >> you have to give it a little tap. you need a strainer. >> of course. >> you want to give it a try? >> here, aly, for for the after the show show. >> i'm going to sniff it because i need my wits about me to continue with this show. hmm. kyle? >> how long can you keep eggnog in the fridge after you make it? >> honestly, fresh eggnog, within a day. >> how can we find your recipes? >> we're going to post them on line. >>, we'll have all his alcoholic eggnog recipe.
6:42 am
kyle ford, master mixologist. the best title. >> thank you. happy holidays. >> that's how we'll get through the show. >> kelly? >> thank you. the president says you should drink a lot of eggnog while congress is away. congress has days to avert the fiscal cliff but if an agreement is reached, will it bring positive change to the economy? we'll have art laffer. billy dean is here live performing a holiday classic you don't want to miss. that's next. ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ nothing melts away the cold like a hot, delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow
6:43 am
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rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase.
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the clock is tick to go avoid the fiscal cliff and washington is still looking for the solution. >> for the last two weeks i've been working with leaders of both parties on a proposal to get our deficit under control.
6:46 am
avoid tax hikes on the middle class, and to make sure we can spur jobs and economic growth. >> how we get there, god only knows. >> will an agreement bring positive change to the economy? former economic advisor to president reagan, art laffer is here. >> how is everything going? >> going we will on this end. not washington but on this end. there's recap for a second, if you will. the laffer curve that you game famous for. that's your theory on tax rates and revenue and it shows, the laffer curve, if you have a tax rate of zero obviously you correct zero revenue to run the government. if you have a tax rate, your theory holds of 100%, you also probably collect zero in revenue because you've disincentivized people to get to work. somewhere in your curve is the sweet spot of the tax rate that
6:47 am
would allow for the most revenue. what is that sweet spot? >> i don't know where it is exactly, obviously. but i know the laffer curve, the operation in the upper income groups is much more sensitive to tax rate hikes that the lower ranges. rich people have all sorts of options available to cut back on taxes. hire lawyers, accountants, deferred income specialists, congressmen, senators. so when you raise tax rates on the rich you almost always get less revenue and cause the economy to collapse. it makes no sense raising tax rates on the highest income offers. >> what will happen if the president's offer of $400,000 or above to go back to the 39.5 or 6% tax rate. what do you predict happens?
6:48 am
>> we'll probably be in a recession and the president will be thwarted and we'll have further delays of recovery and expansion. it will hurt the poor and disenfranchised the most because they're the most vulnerable. >> how does your theory jive with what went on in the '90s where the highest wage earners were in the same tax bracket and we had a surplus? >> i was a supporter of bill clinton. i voted for him twice. i thought he was a great president. he cut taxes everywhere except for that ratio. he cut capital gains tax. he got rid of them for 0 owner occupied homes. he cut tax on elderly workers and cut government spending by more than the last two presidents combined.
6:49 am
just the opposite of president barack obama. >> why isn't president obama following that model? that model clearly had good results. why not do those things to capital gains taxes, et cetera? >> you've gone beyond my pay grade. every time you have the tax rate reductions, especially in the highest income groups, you have expansion like under kennedy, aig, bill clinton, hardy and coolidge. when you raise tax on the rich, you don't get your money and you cause recession or decline. it's common sense. you've never heard of anyone taxing an economy into prosperity. >> i go to you for the expertise but you make a compelling case. art laffer, former advisor -- >> by the way, alisyn. i saw the "fox & friends" team, sunday before christmas, drinking on the job. >> we were sniffing. >> okay. is that what you -- sniffing on
6:50 am
the job. >> not drinking. >> thank you very much. up next, a performance from country star billy dean.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
you're listening to grammy winning country star billy dean singing a holiday favorite. he's performing alongside kenny rogers as part of his christmas tour. billy dean joins us this morning on "fox & friends." good to see you, merry christmas to you. >> same to you. >> you're performing tonight, right? >> we are in westbury. we try to keep the merry christmas alive. >> you do it so well, working with kenny rogers. such a great person. let's hear from you right now. >> you got it. >> happy birthday, landon. this is for you. >> raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. brown paper packages tied up with string. these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ cream colored ponies and crips
6:55 am
a.m. strudel. >> wild geese that fly with the wind on their wings, these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ when the dog bites ♪ when the bees stings ♪ when i'm feeling sad ♪ i simply remember my favorite things and then i don't feel so bad ♪ ♪ girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes. snow flakes that stay on my nose and white lashes, these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ when the dog bites, when the bees sting, when i'm feeling sad ♪
6:56 am
♪ i simply remember my favorite things and then i don't feel so bad ♪ ♪ when the dog bites, when the bees sting, when i'm feeling sad ♪ ♪ i simply remember my favorite things and then i don't feel so bad ♪ ♪ >> billy dean, grammy winner. yes, sir, excellent. excellent. excellent. >> thank you so much. >> we're going to have more "fox & friends" coming up and he'll join us for the after the show show. stay with us. we'd like to say merry christmas "fox & friends!" [ male announcer ] families grow up
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but some things never get old... marie callender's dutch apple pie with fresh fuji apples and a crust made from scratch... it makes home at the holidays even sweeter. marie callender's. it's time to savor. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip.
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